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body prayer dvd cynthia hutchisonBody Prayer as a Spiritual Practice: Universal Gestures to be Personalized Based on One’s Beliefs (2016)

Length: 90 minutes of content related to BODY PRAYER AS A PERSONAL SPIRITUAL PRACTICE.

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“Cynthia Hutchison’s Body Prayer as a Spiritual Practice is for people of all faiths and it shines a luminous experience and opens our minds to deepen our personal prayer practices and rituals of healing. Cyntia is a gifted teacher and healer and her program is inspiring, clear, and comes from her heart and soul.” Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, Author of Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice; Nurse Coaching; and Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer

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VIEW a 1″ video of group eurythmy/body prayer from a  Sacred Geometry course: Practicing EXPANSION and CONTRACTION of concentric circles.

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Some of the content of the DVD inside and back covers read as follows:

Adding conscious devotional gestures to your prayer life can deepen your spiritual connection and experience. Body prayer is a way of enhancing one’s prayer practice by adding meaningful gestures to devotional thoughts and feelings. It is applicable to all spiritual paths and religious orientations. In this five part DVD, Cynthia Hutchison, a respected teacher in the field of energy medicine and Healing  Touch, brings her understanding of Body Prayer through three forms of teaching methods.

Parts 1 and 2 include educational, yet meditative pictorial descriptions and experiences providing background information and an understanding of the four spiritual dimensions of the human being. Part 3 provides a video overview of the various body prayer gestures, their meanings, and how they are associated with the words of four Universal prayers. Part 4 is a practice video that enables the viewer to either listen to the prayer while practicing the gestures with Cynthia, or opting for no voice/sound, and experiencing the gestures/prayers energetically and spiritually in silence. A BONUS TRACK is included with the Hara Alignment Meditation.

Body Prayer as a Spiritual Practice Content and Track List

Track 1: Introduction (02:42)

PART  1: Offering of a Theoretical Framework

Track 2: Five Types of Prayer (07:25)
Track 3: How did we get from “There” (Spiritual World) to “Here” (Planet Earth)? (17:01)

PART 2: Introduction to Body Prayer

Track 4: About the Body Prayer (06:41)

PART 3: Demonstration Video

Track 5: Demonstration – Gestures with Meanings ((25:36)

PART 4: Practice

Track 6: The Four Universal Body Prayers (10:46)

PART 5: BONUS: Guided Meditation

Track 7: A Guided Hara Alignment Meditation (19:39)

The four prayers you will learn that are included in this DVD…

  1. The Vowel Prayer (Ah-Aye-Ee-Oo-Uu)
  2. The AUM Prayer (Past-Present-Future)
  3. Prayer of Jabez (from Old Testament)
  4. The Halleluia (based on traditional Eurythmy)

“I invite people of all faiths and spiritual streams to experience adding these or your own devotional gestures to the thoughts and words of prayers. In this DVD, I am offering Universal prayers and meanings in order to appeal to a wide audience. I am available for workshops at spiritual centers, churches and with groups interested in healing, energy medicine and spirituality.

“May the practice of these body prayers support you in your connection to the Divine, whatever word or words you use to Name our Loving Creator!”  – Cynthia

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VIEW 2 tracks from Body Prayer DVD below. 

Below are two of the five video tracks from my Body Prayer DVD. The first track (25:36) provides an overview and demonstration of the specific eurythmy gestures that are part of the four Universal Body Prayers. You can practice along with the video to become familiar with the movements. The second track (10:46) are the uninterrupted movements of the four prayers taught in this DVD with each repeated a few times to imprint your learning. Practice them yourself while watching me. For practicing with the words of the prayers, keep your volume on, as my voice was overlaid on the videos.

25″ Overview of Understanding Body Prayer, Eurythmy & Specific Prayer Gestures: 1. Vowel Sounds, 2. AUM Prayer, 3. Prayer of Jabez, and 4. Hallelujah Prayer.


Use this 10″ track to practice the four body prayers with me, using sound to hear the words of the prayer or mute sound to do in silence.

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Group Body Prayer – Practicing Expansion and Contraction at the Sacred Geometry Course – 1″ video


Body Prayer Video of “Christ, King of the Elements” – a Celtic Prayer attributed to St. Bridget

Christ, King of the Elements, Hear me!

Earth, Bear me! Air, Lift me!

Fire, Purify me! Water, enliven me!


Christ, King of the Elements, Hear me!

I shall bear the burden of the Earth with Thee,

I shall lift my Heart through the Air to Thee,

I shall purify my Desires for Love of Thee,

I shall offer my Life renewed through Thee.


Christ, King of the Elements!

Water….Fire….Air….and Earth,

Weave through my heart, a cradle for Thy Birth!


The Hallelujah Prayer


Background Information about the Origins of Body Prayer

Rudolph Steiner, founder of Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy, introduced eurythmy (meaning beautiful movement) in 1912. There are artistic, therapeutic, pedagogical and devotional forms of this practice. Eurythmy is a way to integrate our soul forces of thinking, feeling and willing to create inner alignment with Truth, Beauty and Goodness and our birth intention of LOVE. These wisdom filled sacred body gestures strengthen the etheric, or life body, of the human being.

I was introduced to Eurythmy, as a form of spiritual body movement, in 1992, while my children were attending Waldorf Schools. Over the years, body prayer has become a part of my daily spiritual practice. It has had significant effects on my physical vitality and spiritual alignment. When I started sharing with groups my enthusiasm about integrating eurythmy with my prayer life, I started using the term BODY PRAYER, as it was more understandable and generic.

For me, practicing body prayer deepens my connection to Spirit. How? Because I am not just engaging my thoughts, heart and intentions, but I am also engaging my will forces, using my physical body through movement and gestures which symbolize my thoughts, feelings and intentions. In this way, body prayer is similar to the practice of Healing Touch, where we consciously and heartfully engage our thinking, feeling and willing to facilitate a healing process.

RESOURCES to learn more about eurythmy… – To learn more about Choreocosmos School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance or to purchase.  One of my favorite texts: Cultivating Inner Radiance and the Body of Immortality: Awakening the Soul through Modern Etheric Movement by Robert Powell, PhD (2012), Lindisfarne Books.


Cynthia receives invitations to teach small or large classes, or at conventions, retreats and workshops. She offers choices of length of presentation between a 90 minute and ½ day timeframe. She happily shares her enthusiastic and warm teaching to groups of all types and ages at various events, retreats, conferences, spiritual gatherings and meetings of interested people. Materials can be provided with paper handouts to assist attendees to take what they learn home with them for their personal practices. The Body Prayer DVD is also a support to home learning and practice.

Watch “Body Prayer in the Rockies”


Letter from Dr. Barry Gallison, President Elect, American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) published in the April 2015 issue of BEGINNINGS (a publication of AHNA) – “Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to attend numerous nursing and healthcare associated conferences supporting my professional and personal commitment to lifelong learning.

At last year’s (2014) American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA) conference ‘Through the Looking Glass: A Vision of Holistic Leadership’ in Branson, MO., I attended Cynthia Hutchison’s breakout session – Body Prayer as a Personal Spiritual Practice to Strengthen Body-Mind-Spirit.   Participating in Cynthia’s beautifully led gratitude dance was life-changing.  Looking across the room, seeing like-minded friends collectively sharing beautiful energy in our synchronized movements truly inspired me.  When I returned home and to work, I was eager to share this enchanting experience and exercise.  I took every opportunity to lead my peers in my adaptation of the gratitude dance during leadership meetings, clinical retreats, where-ever I could!  The gratitude dance has now become part of our culture and is frequently requested at the start of meetings or during moments when the group needs a recharge…”.

Barry Gallison DNP, MS, APRN-BC, NEA-BC, CPHQ, AHN-BC, President Elect, American Holistic Nurses Association
Regional Manager: Quality Management, Epidemiology, Patient Safety and Medical Staff
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Statement from Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, HWNC-BC

Cynthia Hutchison’s Body Prayer as a Spiritual Practice is for people of all faiths and it shines a luminous experience and opens our minds to deepen our personal prayer practices and rituals of healing. Cynthia is a gifted teacher and healer and her DVD program is inspiring, clear, and comes from her heart and soul.

Barbara is the author of Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice; Nurse Coaching: Integrative Approaches; and Forence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer.


Sample of Anonymous comments from evaluations of the AHNA Conference 62 Attendees who participated in Cynthia’s 2015 breakout workshop on Body Prayer as a Personal Spiritual Practice:

  • Beautiful!
  • I took this session last year and it was just as fulfilling this year as last. Cynthia Hutchison is amazing in grounding the class then bringing us on a spiritual journey.
  • One of my two favorite sessions! Thank you for offering this subject.
  • Lovely interactive session that provided me with easy-to-utilize self care tools for future use.
  • I enjoyed this session and plan to teach body prayer to my grandchildren.
  • Beautiful! I used the Gratitude movement with my sharing circle who loved it. We did it twice!
  • This was such an enjoyable session. I love learning about all types of prayer modalities.
  • I enjoyed the experiential nature of this class very much.

Sample of Comments from participants at a July, 2016 Body Prayer Workshop at the Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook, IL. (25 attendees)

  • Cynthia’s energetic spirit and peaceful intelligence is very inspiring and makes me want to learn more about enhancing my own guided practice….I really felt that learning about Body Prayer helped me develop a more mindful and deeper understanding of the power of prayer and how it can assist in grounding – mind, body and spirit. Therefore, discovering the relevance and similarities to Healing Touch as well. I also appreciated the guided demonstration of the prayers. – Maura Berenato
  • I was in a really wonderful prayerful space and felt the depth of the experience individually and as a group. Cynthia is awesome: welcoming, knowledgeable, heart-centered, and responsive to questions and group dynamics. – Katie Oberlin
  •  ….As for body prayer, I felt embraced and invited to integrate a body sensing, spirituality and energy. I think learning about the four dimensions of the human being helped me ground with body prayer, especially in that it was my first experience with this group…. I loved the mutual respect and kinship that was created. I was comfortable within minutes. Prayer is a way of lie for me. Body Prayer deepened that body/mid/spirit process for me…. I so appreciated your flow, light energy field. Clearly, you have a beautiful giving heart and you love what you do! – Gerri Framburg
  • I find Cynthia’s demeanor and enthusiasm contagious! She presents information in an understandable and entertaining way.. Use of demonstration throughout her presentation helped me to be mindful of the “why” movements were done, as well as the “way” movements were done. I enjoyed the entire presentation! Using a combination of talk, slides, live demo and participation truly tapped into all senses and invited participants to actively take part in the classs – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. – Diane Shaver

Samples of Anonymous Evaluation Comments from Cynthia’s Body Prayer Workshop at the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) 34th Annual Conference in Porland, OR, June 2014….(80 attendees)

  • Wonderfully presented. Inspiring.
  • Cynthia’s presence glows. The movement was mind clearing and calming
  • incredible!
  • I hope she comes back….what an elevated consciousness
  • The speaker is very well-versed and very dedicated to her practice.
  • Cynthia was an excellent presenter…warm, engaging and demonstrated expertise
  • Inspiring and excellent presentation. Loved it!
  • My favorite session of the conference
  • The very best session I have ever attended!
  • Powerful and gentle session. Greatly appreciated the reminder of the Hara Line connections.
  • Fabulous… not only content and execution but also the container created in which to teach and experience. Great Energy
  • This class was beyond amazing and I would want to share my learning about body prayer to my colleagues.
  • This was one of my favorite sessions! Cynthia was a very calming and inspiring presence.
  • I love this class, it was great energy and very much combined the mind, body and soul.
  • The very best session I attended. Well done Cynthia.
  • Awesome presentation–loved doing the movements
  • Was up and moving and felt energized. Actually had the opportunity to do what she did and that was extremely powerful/could feel what this body prayer felt like in my own body.
  • What a beautiful practice. Truly inspirational.
  • Loved the body movement & music.
  • Cynthia was a wonderful speaker.
  • Perennial Philosophy may be found among the traditional lore of primitive peoples in every region of the world, and in its fully developed forms it has a place in every one of the higher religions… .first committed to writing >2500 years ago…[It is] the inexhaustible theme from every religious tradition & in all the principal languages…with intrinsic beauty & memorableness.
  • Fantastic speaker – loved the exercises
  • Excellent presentation.
  • Great session plus shared video on internet
  • Stimulating and well taught
  • I was in awe with this woman and the whole spiritual connection of the Body Prayer!

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