What’s the Difference Between the CDs?

How is the Sounds True Healing Touch Meditation CD different from Cynthia original HT Meditation CDs released in 2009?

The original set of Cynthia’s CDs include all five core HT self care practices: 1) Grounding, Centering and Attuning; 2) the Self Chakra Connection; 3) the Self Spiral Meditation; 4) the Hara Alignment Meditation; and 5) the Etheric Vitality Meditation (from Level 4 curriculum). This original set includes these five meditations but does not include any lecture material.

The Sounds True HT Meditation CD is a two CD set with both lecture material about Healing Touch and also the three core HT self-care meditation practices that are used in the Healing Touch Program curriculum.

The lecture material is the first of its kind to be offered in audio format. Within 16 tracks, Cynthia shares a variety of information: 1) What is Healing Touch and how can it be used for self and for others? 2) Working with intention; 3) Descriptions of the concepts of centering, grounding and attuning; 4) Cynthia’s understanding of how we as spiritual beings come into human form through a vibrational step-down process; 5) Understanding the four dimensions of our energy system and 6) How to use the HT meditations.

The HT meditations which are included in this set of Sounds True CDs are: 1) Centering, Grounding and Attuning; 2) the Self Chakra Connection; and 3) the Hara Alignment Meditation. These are the core practices taught in HTP that relate to the energy bodies: the Core Star, the Hara Line, the Chakras and their corresponding fields.

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