Testimonials on Body Prayer, Classes, CDs/DVD & Sessions


Body Prayer

“Cynthia Hutchison’s Body Prayer as a Spiritual Practice (DVD) is for people of all faiths and it shines a luminous experience and opens our minds to deepen our personal prayer practices and rituals of healing. Cyntia is a gifted teacher and healer and her program is inspiring, clear, and comes from her heart and soul.” Barbara Dossey, PhD, Rn, AHN-BC, FAAN, Author of Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice; Nurse Coaching; and Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer

 “Cynthia, today I shared the body prayer [class]that you showed us at the HTP regional conference and Instructor meeting. We watched the videos and then practiced along with you. Our group, HT Professional Association of Greater Philadelphia chapter meeting really loved it! I do too and am making it part of my daily sacred practice. Thanks so much for your kindness in sharing this so I could share it with others. One step at a time making the world a better place!” ~Jean White, RN, BSN, HTCP/I

Course Evaluations from Cynthia’s Sacred Geometry Class in Tazewell, TN, September 2019, held at the Well Being Retreat Center. (SG=Sacred Geometry; HT=Healing Touch)

This course was very well presented. I am in awe of Cynthia’s ability to bring ancient wisdom, symbols, sacred geometry into practical application for healing. Cynthia – you role model graciousness and kindness throughout the entire class. You walk your talk. Mary Ann Geoffrey  Loudon, TN

The training deepened my knowledge of SG in ways that I can apply in my HT work and my work as a hospice chaplain. Jill Joyner, Avondale Estates, GA

This class took my Healing Touch and HT for Animals knowledge to a deeper more sacred level. I felt like we touched into the most holy site of self and yet also oneness with all present. I felt the blueprint of life as we practiced the techniques and they became real and dimensional even to a cellular level and our DNA. Pamela Stanner, Lenoir City, TN

This course… has given a whole new dimension in the area of energy healing. Cynthia is truly an artist who was inspirational in both her instruction, delivery and content. The power, unity, compassion and love generated within the group was simply amazing. It was exceptional. Barry Stanner  Lenoir City, TN

The background information about sacred symbolism across the ages and across religious and cultural beliefs and practices set the stage for incorporating SG into my personal spiritual growth and practice as well as into my interactions with all of creation. Cynthia’s body prayer and SG healing sequences flowed beautifully and meaningfully from the background information. My heart feels full, and I now see myself as part of the whole of sacred creation in a more visceral real and beautiful way than I ever have before.  Kim Spivey Asheville, NC

The continuous repetition of treatments, prayer body practices and clear explanations of SG symbols was outstanding.  Cynthia’s SG program applied to healing for me this weekend was profound. All my intellectual study, meditation, experiences, strengths were finally joined into my body, emotions and “knowing” hear and how. Just can’t find the words to express the depth of this work. Beatriz Lothrop,  Weaverville, NC

I couldn’t have customized a better suited program for what I needed to nurture my spiritual practice and HT practice. I will never be able to only see HT as a two-dimensional treatment. Everything about the way I will view nature and life has been expanded. … Free to speak my heart freely, be fully authentic, and also be filled accepted and supported. I will carry this with me in more ways than I even now realize. Leslie Apking,  Knoxville, TN

The program itself was something I have never studied in the past. It was to me another dimension of HT. It was spiritual, geometric, intuitive and very interesting. I loved learning to notice our world through shapes… the significance of the circle, triangle and star. Cynthia you were so brave to bring this to such a large group of people clear across the country. Thank you for a beautiful event.  Lynn Anderson   Knoxville, TN

I learned such amazing new concepts and new methods that will bring my practice and self-care to new levels. SG is profoundly powerful. The class certainly was fun as the title suggested. I haven’t laughed that much in a very long time.  Cynthia was helpful with voice guiding the healing sequence as we were practicing. I would love an audio of it. …. It overall was one of the best experiences I have had. Patti Slazes, Antioch, IL

This has been a wonderful experience. I will spend a lifetime reflecting no doubt. I truly believe I have come to this teaching before and that the material is still developing to an “Almost Holy” point… Thank you for helping me to deepen and refresh my sacred connection with Divine Love for me and for all. Bonnie Hammond,  Knoxville, TN

Cynthia was inspiring and her overall knowledge and teaching ability was very impressive.  Linda Rodgers, Greenville, TN

Great class! Superb teaching. I love your kindness, your leadership and your skilled art…. Kudos on creating this course. It really is fabulous!  Brenda Rasch,  Knoxville, TN

Cynthia’s SG class will deepen the anchor of your soul and at the same time, expand your ability to visualize how present and full the universal spirit is within us and all around us.  Felecia McInnish,  Huntsville, AL

Connecting the sacred through geometry brings the symmetry of universality in healing that we all crave.  Jerri-Anne McDermith,  Maggie Valley, NC

I appreciated getting the notes emailed ahead of time to learn a little about SG beforehand. Her presentation brought the notes and drawing to life in a fun informative way. I’m leaving feeling confident in trying this with my clients and myself. Joan Wheeler,  Knoxville, TN

This was a very profound experience. Using S.G. brought this advanced energy work to a different level; both through symbols, giving words to embody the interventions and drew us closer to divine source and spirituality. Nancy Lavergne,  Liberty Township, OH

I was intrigued and fascinated by everything I learned this weekend. Kristi Whitaker,  Fort Mill, SC

This retreat workshop was transformational.  This process is amazing and I do plan to use these sacred, powerful techniques in my healing practice. Anonymous

This class helped bring healing energy to a whole new dimension. I looking forward to including these practices in my everyday life. Thank you, Cynthia, for creating this program. Yolande Douglas,  Quebec, Canada

I welcomed the new material on SG. I look for Cynthia to move forward with this incredible information through video as well as in book forms. Jean Wilhoite,  Knoxville, TN

The power of the SG sequence was very evident throughout the trading practices. With multiple sessions the knowledge deepened. The beauty and flow of the body prayer was a lovely gift. I appreciate the organized, structured flow of the days. These are powerful times of expansion for humanity and bringing this light work deeper into use is much needed and appreciated.  Teresa Duncan   Washington D.C.

Cynthia developed and shared with us practical application of ancient wisdom. Using SG in heart, soul and spiritual centered healing was supremely powerful. Truly a gift to the world that I will utilize for self care and sharing in my healing practice. Susan Holtorf, Vancouver, WA

This was an amazing class. Cynthia has done a beautiful job of taking complex ideas and translating them into powerful healing touch interventions.  It has definitely taken me to a much deeper, spiritual place from which to provide HT for folks desperately in need of healing at many different levels. I feel blessed to have been a part of this class. It also will help me add depth to my self care. Rosalie Shultz, Tucker, GA

Voice guiding was wonderful! I could think less while learning and feeling more. There was so much knowledge… Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Terry Loe,  Antioch, IL

Sacred Circle – Sacred Geometry Sacred Fun Retreat was organized and presented exceptionally well. I was very impressed. It was a lot of material and not easy to conceptualize, but was presented so well. Made it easy for a novice. It is important and very useful information. The experience was one of a kind.  Sandra Moore, Chuckey, TN

I am not religious at all but have always been open to the perennial wisdom… I was interested in the science and significance of the geometry and its symbolism in all cultures and throughout history. Joan Galbraith,  Tazewell, TN

Healing Touch Sessions

“My Healing Touch session with Cynthia was meaningful, profound and effective. Before the treatment began, she spent time with me checking in and asking if I would like to state an intention. It awakened  a longing question that I have been struggling with in my own inner development. She was a very attentive and devoted listener and the conversation we shared increased my inner clarity about my own hopes for the healing process. 

As Cynthia gently touched in to my field and key points along my body, I could gradually sense a lightening of old, stagnant energies departing and a clearing taking place. As I imagined a warm, golden beam of light between her right and left hands, all around my field, I could feel a vibrant, Tree of Life glowing within me and around me. By the end of our time together, I felt immense inner peace and calm.

After our session, I told her of my experience and then she drew for my the sacred geometric sequence that she had performed. I realized what a wondrous gift she bestowed upon me, tapping in to the mysteries of Sacred Geometry and applying them for personal healing and strength. I left for home feeling peaceful, with an open heart and an increased sense of mental clarity.Those harmonious feelings rippled out around me for the next few days.

Thank you Cynthia, for the work you do in our world. bringing healing, peace and goodness to all you touch.” with gratitude, Christine, Boulder, CO

 “I wanted to wait until I got home today to tell you how grateful I am for you. Last night, I was in no pain at all. I have had a (literal) pain in my neck for a very long time. That is completely gone now. I went to sleep at 8:30 and slept for 10 hours straight. This is pretty miraculous, considering I have not slept an entire night through for over a month.” ~Client after a first visit, Coal Creek Canyon, CO.

Wow….I felt mentally aware but totally relaxed. I never felt that before. I felt weightless and very clear. I envisioned a trail in a forest which seemed to represent my life….Thank you!” ~Sue D from Ohio while on vacation in Colorado, First session

Healing Touch Classes

Student Comments from Level 4 HTP at  Sunrise Retreat Center, Loveland, CO, Oct 26 – 29, 2016 – Instructor: Cynthia Hutchison

This HT Level 4 retreat exceeded my expectations on all levels.  The quality and presentation of materials, the gracious and loving guidance and encouragement and the bountiful gifts of the students.  The environment is very conducive to learning.  A great and transformative experience.         Sharon Pataky

…This experience was loving, light-filled and respectful space that was created and held for all was profoundly felt and beautiful.  I am in awe and deep gratitude on so many levels.  Meghan Forse

This was a profound, wonderful, spiritual experience.  The friendship and humor brought so much fun and light to our 4 days together.  I feel so well prepared to start my apprentice practice.  Thanks to Jennifer @ HTP, Heather, Susie and Cynthia for your brightness, expertise and love!                                                                                         Elle Craig

The amount of personal and practitioner growth I experienced in Level 4 was astronomical.  I feel more grounded and connected as a healer, more confident and rooted in the foundation and application of HT methods.  I am really excited to continue my development and growth in Healing Touch and to contribute to the HT community.  So grateful!!!        Kristin O’Rourke

Thank you.  Cynthia and her helpers, Heather and Susie, created a space that was safe for us, where we could comfortably ask questions, share insights and feel fully supported and empowered.  HT classes are one of the very few places where I’ve felt such openness and love from every soul present.  Thank you for seeing me.  Heather Rocks!  Susie exudes love and Cynthia shines!                                                                                                        Natalia R. Chang

The conference was wonderful, safe and balanced.  Empowerment of individual stressed and supported.  The best ever.                                                                                  Deborah Billlings

Very well organized while at the same time being open and flexible to accommodate questions/concerned.  I found Cynthia to be kind, patient, humorous, and available.  Practice sessions were perfect.                                                        Kyle Heeter

Thank you for witnessing and facilitating my transformation from wounded healer to Healer.                                                                                                   Marian Johnson

This experience was so much more than I expected.  I am leaving with so much knowledge and confidence in the journey to Level 5 and beyond.  Thank you so much for all you are and share.                                                                                                                             Angela Gruenfelder

Transformational !!  Abbie Ohlman

This program provides a time of transformation with integrity.  It clearly defines the work of energy medicine and allows the individual to be a healer that is legitimized to our communities.  The standards are held in high regard and allow for professional development while growing the healers’ gifts.                                                                                                  Melissa Brodd

Cynthia, Susie, and Heather were all incredible and inspiring teachers and leaders.  I don’t have space here but even if I did, I couldn’t say enough praise for them all. – Anonymous

This course was very transformative for helping me prepare to deepen my practice of Healing Touch as a practitioner on all levels.                                                                      Marva Jolly

Cynthia radiates joy, professionalism, non-judgement.  I can not imagine a better instructor.  Thank you for a wonderful experience. – Anonymous

Wonderful experience – beautiful way to learn! – Anonymous

Coming to HT 4 has given me clarity of the importance to continue with the flow of purity of only learning the work of HT; especially while being an HT apprentice.  Thank you for your loving guidance                                                                                                          Stacie Demo

I love all the instructors – you are all beautiful souls who stepped up to help us find and nurture the divinity in all of us.  Thank you!!                                                      Anne Anderson

Thank you for the guidance and creating the space needed to advance my confidence and trust.                                                                                                                                    Alissa Perrigo

Student comments from Level 1, September 2016

“I appreciated observing your clear directions and explanations of each activity, technique etc. Your passion and integrity are quite evident…” ~Kristi Buss

“Cynthia is a fun, dynamic & gifted teacher. What a great weekend!” ~Kimi Hendrix

“Cynthia gives the feel that she is Mother Earth herself! She clearly believes in HT and has a passion for it.” ~Sarah Jorgensen

“The love and support coming from Cynthia is an amazing thing to experience.” ~Nick Russell

“Thank you for such a powerful experience. I feel like I now have language and context around my experience with energy & intuition. I feel like I have found my tribe! Thank you for creating sacred space of unconditional love, acceptance while being grounded & centered.” ~Erin Linehan


“I feel privileged to have been taught, guided, and mentored by Cynthia. She has such a warm, loving and welcoming presence. I really enjoyed her teaching style and it was easy to follow along considering how much we were taught and how long we spent practicing and learning for two 10 hr days.” ~Michelle Magness


“Everyone was very kind, helpful, understanding and loving. I loved being shown a technique first, then being the facilitator after, to really grasp and understand what to do. It was an amazing learning experience and healing class.” ~Allison Dahlgren


“Completing this class means a major paradigm shift in my life. Although I think I have served others in my lifetime, now I have learned new depth in impacting lives of others. Healing others my intent to help heal others is the service I was meant to share with others. Allowing love to flow freely is my goal.” ~Chris Dobbe


“I seriously do not have any suggestions for improvement. This was the best 2 day training I have ever had, anywhere. Cynthia is top notch and I am so lucky and blessed to have been a student of hers. I love that she teaches experientially and only highlights things in the book. I will read the book many times on my own.”  ~Annie Kolstad


“…I really enjoyed this class!! It has really proven that I can do anything I intend to! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! Kristol was right! You are the best!” ~Autumn Morrison


“Cynthia’s wisdom, grace and compassion is exemplified in all she does in the classroom and provides a beautiful sacred space for all students.” ~Jeannette Nienaber, HTCP/I


“Cynthia did a wonderful job creating a supportive and nurturing environment. I always felt comfortable, respected and ‘held.’ ” ~Kristen O’Rourke, ND


“Effective and clear directions for the new techniques. The content is deep and paced in a way that kept me interested.” ~Unsigned


“I love our HT family! I’m proud to be part of this organization!” ~Barb Salage HTCP/I


“It’s amazing that this very full & busy weekend is also so very nurturing and full of self-care. HT is so versatile and adaptable to various situations.” ~Tiphaine Bonetti PhD, RN


“This class went beyond my expectations … the concepts taught were very meaningful to me and I know I am going to be able to make a beautiful practice from them.” ~Marah Amijo


“I really enjoyed this weekend and loved learning many more interventions to put into my ‘toolbox. Cynthia has a beautiful and effective way of transmitting vast amounts of information in a short amount of time. Thank you!” ~Elise Mayo-Williams


“Wow! As a repeat student the class was so much more at a level of deeper learning for me. The material was presented in such a safe and sacred space, the learning curve accelerated for me. Intertwined with dance, humor and instructors in training, this was an incredible experience. I’m so excited to continue this sacred healing energy work.” ~Carol Andersen


“Outstanding class, phenomenal instructor! I a deeply blessed to have had the opportunity to shadow/observe Cynthia teaching this beautiful class (as an instructor-in-training) … Cynthia’s loving presence and incredible depth of knowledge made this an exceptional experience… .” ~Amielle Moyer, HTCP/I


“Cynthia, I … wanted to tell you what a profound change you have made in my life. I appreciate your love and devotion to the movement of medicine. I will always be grateful….” ~Dr. Michelle Brtek Zwiener, Healing Touch Practitioner


“I am grateful to have found such a well organized, professional energy healing course. I am in awe of the content of the instructional books, the presentation by the well-prepared instructor and the amazing effectiveness of the work.” ~Erin Reetz, Fox Island, WA.


“Thank you so much for the powerful and rewarding Level Four Healing Touch class … last week. I benefitted on so many levels from the support, sharing, bonding, exchange of energy and ideas and enlarging my network of healing practitioners! The safe and supportive environment that you created was very conducive to our exploration of new ways to express ourselves as healing practitioners. The tremendous work that you have done to achieve accreditation in two organizations give so much more credibility to our work in mainstream medicine and in the general public. I am most grateful for the incredible vision that Janet had in creating such an outstanding community of healers throughout the world that has been carried on with such integrity into its current phase!” ~ Sincerely yours, Anne Logue, HTP Apprentice, 2014, A Path with a Purpose


“Cynthia is structured to get the materials and course content conveyed yet she creates fun into the setting it is excellent. This class transforms you it elevates you to a new level of consciousness, the magnitude of oneness!” ~Julie Hamann


“I appreciated Cynthia’s many years of experience and skills and her heart centered connection to everyone in the class, blended with her professionalism. Great class! Thank you.” ~ Charlotte Howland, Level 2 Evaluation, 2014


“Cynthia is an excellent teacher! Her explanations and demonstrations were very thorough and easy to follow. There were plenty of practice exchanges and I really appreciated how much attention we got while doing the HT sequences we learned. It is always important to learn the techniques correctly initially and Cynthia made sure we were secure in each method before moving on. Although there were more advanced students than myself in the class, she made all of us feel very comfortable as we learned together. I will definitely take as many classes with Cynthia as are offered!” ~ Ann Draganich, Level 2 Evaluation, 2014


“Cynthia has a warm, loving, caring persona. Her genuine caring for us is so evident. She is so calm, confident, and assuring…. She is a fabulous example. Jerry’s comments were so helpful. I especially appreciate his “readers” answer about the certification packet: “We want you to pass. Help us.” Karolyn was a sweet spirit. My experience with staff at St. Mary’s was great. The food is quite different from what I am used to, but was passable. Being gluten intolerant makes eating a “special” experience and I brought some foods for myself. Level 5 was wonderful. Cynthia is a true blessing and gift!” ~Paula Page


“The Level 5 class was a fantastic finale to the apprenticeship experience. I wish everyone had the opportunity to have Cynthia as their instructor. She provides such a nurturing, loving, and fun environment that does much to help calm all the anxiety. Every instructor should hold space so well.” ~Angie Marsh


“Thank you for allowing every person in the class to let their inner child out. Thank you Cynthia and Janet [HTP founder] for the wisdom for the path to incredible personal (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) growth and validation of it at Level 5.” ~Regina Sargent

Sampling Of Level 3 Evaluations – May 2015

“Great class, excellent instructor….Thank you Cynthia for another inspiring and thoughtful class. It has been a wonderful journey to revisit the classes. Love the updated manual! “ Lisa Stone

“I loved doing HT to different types of music – that whole experience and stretch of learning! I so appreciate your teaching style and how you bring fun to it and lighten things up” Charlotte Howland

“A wonderful learning experience filled with healing and knowledge. Cynthia was able to explain the techniques in a way one can follow and understand.” Janna Schaefer

“The class flowed smoothly and the instructor managed time well. Cynthia is a heart-centered person and creates a wonderful atmosphere conducive to learning and experiencing this sacred work.” Debbie Kennedy

“Cynthia performs the work of Spirit. She is the embodiment of a healer and a joyous teacher. The HTP is very grounded and humble. Our consciousness is shifting and it’s a blessing to be on this boat with such an amazing community!” Vinny Unity Sferrazza

“Cynthia is a superb instructor. I leave Level 3 with much more confidence then I came in with. Her instruction and the L3 notebook simplified and deeply explained the material from Barbara Brennan’s book.” Laura Ferenc

Healing Touch Meditations CDs/downloads

“…listening to Cynthia is in itself a healing experience…I find myself resonating with what she has to say about Healing Touch even though I am totally new to this. I am a surgeon and though I am quite passionate about surgery, for a long time I have been feeling the need for a different way of connecting with my patients…Cynthia has inspired me to learn more about Healing Touch.”
~Anu Behari, Surgeon

“I think we have all wondered if we are more than we appear to be. I think we all know that we are. The question is, what understanding makes intuitive sense, but also invites us to demonstrate the essential self in the everyday world?

Cynthia’s two-CD recording, “Healing Touch Meditations,” will spiral you back to your core self. In line with Healing Touch Program’s curriculum, Cynthia explains the basic concepts that have made Healing Touch the single most effective energetic medicine on this planet. (That’s my opinion as the author of “The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy”, an overview of 5,000 years of energy medicine.) In the her first CD, Cynthia’s calm voice describes the three practices we will be learning. These are centering, grounding, and attuning. She continues to guided us through discussions about and meditations to teach us how to center (live in the present, within our heart); ground (living in our body connected with the earth); and attune (link with self or other for healing purposes.) WOW! We can help self and others embrace our body, healing whatever is in the way of expressing the light that we are.

Cynthia’s second CD takes us to the stars and back–literally. Here she explains how we moved from being part of an essential source, a core star, to a physical being. These four stages include downshifting from spirit to our hara, a line of light that anchors us on earth. Our hara vibrationally links to our chakras and finally, to our body. Most important, Cynthia shares two meditations for actualizing our hara and chakras so we can live as the spirit that we are. Cynthia will help you embrace the peace and purpose that lay within. GREAT WORK!”
~Cyndi Dale, World-renowned Author, Intuitive, Healer and Speaker, CyndiDale.com


The Healing Touch meditations by Cynthia Hutchison and Sounds True Recording opens the heart, mind and hands to the energy of Love as universal source for Healing. Cynthia Hutchison is a professional, educator, scholar, researcher and living practitioner of this work. Her messages and meditations of voice , words, knowledge and music are an entrance into finding the sacred in the moment of Being/Becoming Healing Touch. This series offers us a meditation…as well as intellectual and personal/professional guide to this practice. Cynthia inspires, informs, and invites anyone into a new space for healing and even touching the divine, life source, mystery of our unity with ALL. It opens up human to human connections which can be practiced and experienced in any caring moment.”
~Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN; Distinguished Professor of Nursing; Murchinson-Scoville Endowed Chair in Caring Science, University of Colorado College of Nursing; Founder: Watson Caring Science Institute


“Words cannot do justice to the experience of listening to this gentle voice describing the even gentler wisdom of Healing Touch. As a  whole,  this CD is one to treasure and enjoy for developing your sense of inner strength while shorter portions are  perfect  for a  morning, mid-day or end-of- the-day message of health and healing to yourself.”
~Dorothea Hover-Kramer, EDD, RN, DCEP, December 2011


“Simply stated, Cynthia’s new CDs provide an expanded awareness and deepened appreciation for the work we do.  Everyone in the Healing Touch community, instructors, practitioners and students, will benefit from listening to “Healing Touch Meditations”.  I would also recommend my clients and anyone interested in Healing Touch to listen to Cynthia’s explanations of Healing Touch and to participate in her voice-guided meditations.  We are blessed to have Cynthia as our beloved leader, who continues to hold the “light” and lovingly represent Healing Touch Program to a wider audience!  Thank you Cynthia!”
~Rumi Hashimoto, MSN, RN, HTCP/I – Healing Touch Certified Instructor; Founder, Hashiba Institute for Self-Sustainable Health, Long Beach, CA


“Cynthia’s clear guidance and gentle method opened a door to deep receptivity in me. Empowered by the vibrations that emanate from this recording (seemingly more than the sum of voice, words and music), I retreat into Divine Light, activate natural self-healing and renew the bright outlook I need to carry me through the day. Thank you for this peaceful, beautiful, restorative addition to my mornings.”
~Denise Lewis Premschak, Former Executive Director, ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine), Former Director of Voice for HOPE


Lovely Cynthia!   I taught an Intro to Energy Therapy Workshop at the Y today.  I had purchased your Sounds True Healing Touch CDs and found your voice so soothing,  I used the track on the Self Chakra Connection to teach self care. It was wonderful!! ~ Blessings, Barbara Mcanany


“I just finished using the Basic Centering, Grounding, and Attuning meditations from your CDs and felt a wave of gratitude for you. The meditations have been an exceptionally valuable tool in my Level 4 homework process – helping me get more fluid at techniques and making it easy for me to prioritize self care even on busier days. Thank you for recording them, for leaning into your calling in this life. I imagine at some point in every day one or another of us somewhere out here is listening to your guided meditations and benefitting from their offerings.”
~Wishing You Well, Heather Lenox, HTCP


“I just love Cynthia Hutchison’s CDs.  I use the basic grounding CD every morning to start my day and the Self Chakra Connection to help me relax at night. I feel more prepared to start my day when I remind myself to ground, center and attune and I sleep much more peacefully when I listen to the SCC meditation before going to sleep at night. During the day I often listen to the Hara Alignment meditation, as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase!
~With gratitude, Christine DiPaolo, MSN, CRNP, HTCP


“Thanks Cynthia! Just wanted you to know I’ve been listening to and following along with your meditations CDs. They are great!! They have really helped me pay closer attention with the Chelation and Hara Alignment. I’ve tried it on my own but found the guided meditations so much easier to do. Thank you for doing these!”
~Lisa Stone, HTCP, Colorado


“Finally–what we have been waiting for sooooooo long! An opportunity to be voice guided by the mellifluous voice of Cynthia Hutchison as we begin our work in Healing Touch. I have attended several classes where Cynthia has done such an excellent job of grounding and centering the group with her easy-to-listen-to style. I love both CDs – The Self Chakra Connection on CD 1 is an excellent way to start my day and the Hara Alignment Meditation on CD 2 is the answer to a fervent prayer to prepare for the Level 3 work. Thank you Cynthia!”
~Marilyn Jackson RN, PhD, HTCP, CCA, Ontario, OR


“I usually struggle to make the time for self care, but now I find myself looking forward to the time I have given myself during the day to do one of the meditations. I love the beautiful space she has created with her voice, the words and music.”
~Cynthia Jenkins, Level 4 HT Practitioner Apprentice, New York


“The first thing I was reminded of as I listened in silence to this CD was that relaxation—soul-soothing, spirit-healing, mind-easing relaxation—is actually a discipline, like stretching, or jogging my way into good physical condition, or losing weight. Granted, it is a more pleasant path than losing weight, which involves a kind of re-direction of habits and desires. But it is, indeed, a path. And what this CD provides is a guide along the path, someone who speaks articulately, and with wisdom, not like she is trying to lull us into utter mindlessness; someone whose voice is soothing and unobtrusive, inspiring a deep trust and an increasingly deep peace; someone who can make it known, without even saying it: that this path to relaxation supports healing at deeper and deeper levels.

“Cynthia Hutchison takes me, with an utter lack of pretense, to a place that feels like my old home town, my old neighborhood, then sits me down among the grasses and I, in a state of calmed receptivity, hear so much I’ve wanted to hear and to contemplate. It is the truth of my being, told simply. Hearing it is like swallowing a draught of Dante’s rivers in Paradise. I forget the silly judgments I beat myself up with so relentlessly, and remember the truth. And so, yes, Dr. Hutchison is my Beatrice—or at least, this voice becomes the angelic guide, and I follow gladly. And every day, after walking the path with this voice, I feel purer inside, more vibrantly alive, and more at peace.

“This is, without question, the best of the dozens of meditation recordings I have worked with. You don’t have to leave your brains at the door when you enter this gentle world. You remain whole, and become more healthy—as naturally, it seems, as you might if a your own Beatrice spoke gently into your ear and banished all the foolishness, opening you more and more to a vision of the divine.”
~Bill Fisher, Ph.D., medieval English literature Writer, Itinerant Teacher, Singer-Songwriter, Medieval Scholar and Aging Poet

Healing Touch Retreats

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