Summary Evaluations, 2012 Shadowcliff Healing Touch Retreat

Summary Evaluation of Shadowcliff Retreat May 31- June 3, 2012

Compiled by Cynthia Hutchison with gratitude to all Attendees

Response Rate: The overall amount of written feedback given was astounding! I’ve never seen so much attention given to narrative feedback in my 33 years of teaching. What this means to me is that people really cared about their sharing and also believed it would be listened to and accounted for. Easily, 90% of you filled ALL the spaces for written feedback and almost half used the back side of the paper for continued feedback. The vast majority of attendees added personal notes to me and numerous thank you comments and compliments. (Thank you!…..). Because of the amount of feedback, it took me a very long time to read, process and summarize it, and WELL worth it! Thank you again!

In terms of specific feedback, I’m sharing comments made by more than a few people, though in some cases I’ll include singular responses. (As you can imagine, there were numerous single comments which I will not include.) I’m providing the number of comments made on specific items. I have identified THEMES because many of the responses were identical or similar.

Specific feedback

1. Is there anything you really loved about your experience?

  • 25 – Eurythmy (YEAH!!) People really loved experiencing this etheric form of movement / prayer and many commented that they would continue to do it. Some want to learn more.
  • 22 – Focus Groups (lots of compliments to Monica and her communication/group skills)
  • 20 – The sense of community that was established
  • 19 – The setting of Shadowcliff (2 commented that they could hear others talk through the walls which disturbed sleep….one of them stated she would likely stay off-site for that reason in the future)
  • 19 – Theme of Spirituality. Many commented that this was a much needed/appreciated topic.
  • 19 – Specific kind comments about Cynthia
  • 17 – Small group sharing
  • 15 – The Fairy Tale by Debra Agee (a handful also commented that it went past 9 pm and to stop all presentations by then in the future so people could get their rest)
  • 15 – Large and Small Groups
  • 13 – Free Saturday afternoon to hike or do whatever
  • 13– Use of music/dancing/singing/movement
  • 12 – Sharing deeply
  • 11 – Group Healing (and several specific compliments to Kathy Allan)
  • 8 – Significant personal growth
  • 6 – Knowing I was participating in HT research
  • 6 – the Friday evening discussion about HTP/HTI
  • 5 – Pinning Ceremony

2. Would you be interested in returning next year (if it is within your means) and would you recommend it to others?

  • 40 – Yes to returning (a handful of people said they would more likely come every other year or a few years down the road)
  • 2 – No

3. If you are interested in returning, what would you like to see happen next year?

  • 13 – more of the same
  • 9 – more free time
  • 6 – more small group time
  • 6 – more time to do HT

All other responses were single ideas which I won’t list here

4. Do you feel different from having had this experience?

  • 42 – Yes
  • 1 – No
  • 1 – neutral

This question was elaborated in many individual ways with some of the common themes being the following….

  • 28 – Feeling renewed in dedication to HT, more enriched, more energy for HT (some had lost their enthusiasm)
  • 25 – Deeper sense of community
  • 12 – personal growth
  • 11 – deeper connection to Spirit
  • 7 – personally healing to be with my community
  • 6 – more joyful
  • 3 – felt loved and cared for
  • 4 – I could be “myself”
  • 3 – clarity in my life’s direction

Others: pride in HT, filled with grace, “blessed” to be here; got out of my comfort zone; hopeful for HTP and its direction; more up-to-date; calmer

5. Do you have anything else you want to tell me about ANYTHING?

  • Best retreat I’ve ever attended!
  • We have a huge job to do and this kind of gathering supports us in our work/development
  • everal commented on how well organized this event was
  • This experience exceeded all my expectations