Sacred Geometry and Energy Therapy: Voice Guidance


This audio download was created to support those who have taken either the in-person or the online Sacred Geometry and Energy Therapy course with its author and teacher, Dr. Cynthia Hutchison.

Total Length: 2 hr, 24”


Author: Cynthia Hutchison DNSc, RN, MSN, HTCP/I
Total Length: 2 hr, 24”
Price: $17

Cynthia reviews key concepts and principles, along with a description of the five-step sequence for administering an SG treatment. She voice-guides the listener through practitioner preparation, as well as through three additional tracks for step-by-step voice guiding through the SG Treatment, and the Sri Yantra Intervention. An additional track with a shorter version of the SG session is also included. Music by Aaron Krieshok “One Drop’s Journey”.

Track 01: Introduction: The SG Sequence 9:26
Track 02: Practitioner Preparation 6:50
Track 03: SG Intervention (long version) 1:04:14
Track 04: Sri Yantra Intervention 22:58
Track 05: SG Intervention (abbreviated version) 43:14