Healing Touch Meditations Two (Digital Download)




1. Introduction (40 seconds)
2. Self Spiral Meditation (25 minutes)
3. Hara Alignment Meditation (18 minutes)
4. Etheric Vitality Meditation (11 minutes)

Total Time: 56:40

Audio CD: US $8



This digital download by Cynthia Hutchison offers healing meditations that are taught in Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the Healing Touch Program’s world wide standardized curriculum: Self Spiral Meditation, Hara Alignment Meditation and Etheric Vitality Meditation. These meditations may be used for self care and healing, practitioner preparation or client treatment.

The Self Spiral Meditation, an adaptation of the work of Brugh Joy, M.D., friend and colleague of Janet Mentgen, can be used for self care of the practitioner and for teaching to clients, as well as for those interested in self healing and health promotion practices.

The Hara Alignment Meditation, an adaptation of Barbara Brennan’s teachings from Hands Of Light (1987) and Light Emerging (1993) is offered as the second track for care, healing and practitioner preparation.

The Etheric Vitality Meditation, an adaptation of the teachings from Doscolos and referred to in the Homage to the Sun (1987) by Kyriacos Markides, is the final offering that may be used for self care and healing, practitioner preparation or client treatment.

A multi-use tool for healing and personal growth, Healing Touch Meditations Two can help in a number of ways:

  1. Individuals interested in understanding how to work with oneself energetically to improve health, know oneself at a deeper level and explore energetic dimensions of life. These meditations can be listened to going to sleep, upon awakening, or during times of stress, illness or introspection.
  2. Students of Healing Touch can firmly imprint the five major energetic practices that correspond with the curriculum into their practices.
  3. Instructors of HT can use these meditations in the classroom when learning a specific HT method.
  4. Clients receiving HT treatments can use the meditation CDs to assist them in their healing journey and to become empowered in self healing.

Self Spiral Meditation music by Steve Skudler
All other music by Aaron Krieshok

Cover Art by Catherine Rose Hutchison