Body Prayer DVD

Body Prayer as a Spiritual Practice: Universal Gestures to be Personalized Based on One’s Beliefs

Length: 90 minutes of content related to BODY PRAYER AS A PERSONAL SPIRITUAL PRACTICE (2016)
Price: $17 + shipping

body prayer dvd cynthia hutchisonDESCRIPTION

In this five part DVD, Cynthia Hutchison, a respected teacher in the field of energy medicine and Healing  Touch, brings her understanding of Body Prayer through three teaching methods.

Parts 1 and 2 include educational, yet meditative pictorial descriptions and experiences providing background information and an understanding of the four spiritual dimensions of the human being. Part 3 provides a video overview of the various body prayer gestures, their meanings, and how they are associated with the words of four Universal prayers. Part 4 is a practice video that enables the viewer to either listen to the prayer while practicing the gestures with Cynthia, or opting for no voice/sound, and experiencing the gestures/prayers energetically and spiritually in silence. A BONUS TRACK is included with the Hara Alignment Meditation.

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The four prayers you will learn that are included in this DVD…

  1. The Vowel Prayer (Ah-Aye-Ee-Oo-Uu)
  2. The AUM Prayer (Past-Present-Future)
  3. Prayer of Jabez (from Old Testament)
  4. The Halleluia (based on traditional Eurythmy)

Content and Track List

Track 1: Introduction (02:42)

PART  1: Offering of a Theoretical Framework

Track 2: Five Types of Prayer (07:25)
Track 3: How did we get from “There” (Spiritual World) to “Here” (Planet Earth)? (17:01)

PART 2: Introduction to Body Prayer

Track 4: About the Body Prayer (06:41)

PART 3: Demonstration Video

Track 5: Demonstration – Gestures with Meanings (25:36)

PART 4: Practice

Track 6: The Four Universal Body Prayers (10:46)

PART 5: BONUS: Guided Meditation

Track 7: A Guided Hara Alignment Meditation (19:39)