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body prayer dvd cynthia hutchisonBODY PRAYER DVD, $17; Download is $11.
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Body Prayer as a Spiritual Practice: Universal Gestures to be Personalized Based on One’s Beliefs

Length: 90 minutes of content related to BODY PRAYER AS A PERSONAL SPIRITUAL PRACTICE (2016)


This button is for Hard Copy  of DVD. For Digital Download purchases, CLICK HERE OR click on Store at top bar, then drop down box to Digital Downloads to purchase Body Prayer $11 download.Description Body Prayer DVD and download:

In this five part audio/visual presentation, Cynthia Hutchison brings her understanding of Body Prayer through three teaching methods.

Parts 1 and 2 include educational, yet meditative pictorial descriptions and experiences providing background information and an understanding of the four spiritual dimensions of the human being. Part 3 provides a video overview of the various body prayer gestures, their meanings, and how they are associated with the words of four Universal prayers. Part 4 is a practice video that enables the viewer to either listen to the prayer while practicing the gestures with Cynthia, or opting for no voice/sound, and experiencing the gestures/prayers energetically and spiritually in silence. A BONUS TRACK is included with the Hara Alignment Meditation.

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Healing Touch Meditations Two-CD Bundle SetTWO CD BUNDLE SET, $30; Digital downloads are $8 each or $16/set. Bulk discounts!

Healing Touch Meditation CD#1 and CD#2

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Description of Healing Touch Meditations #1 CD:

This CD offers two core Healing Touch meditations. Basic Centering, Grounding and Attuning, can be used as a meditation to learn these foundational concepts and practices for self care/self healing or to share with others in a learning discussion and group practice. It is helpful as practitioner preparation before providing healing work for others.

The second meditation, The Self Chakra Connection, an adaptation of the work of Brugh Joy, MD, from his book Joy’s Way (1979), provides thoughtful exploration and specific direction in one’s own healing and personal growth through hand placements with corresponding self inquiry related to body areas and energy centers. (A companion CD is available – Healing Touch Meditations Two – described below offers the opportunity to deepen the practice of HT practices and meditations for self care that are taught in Levels 2,3 and 4 of HTP. These include: Self Spiral Meditation, Hara Alignment and Etheric Vitality Meditation

Description of the second CD:

This CD offers three core  healing meditations and practices that are taught in Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the five levels of the HT Program’s world wide standardized curriculum. The Self Spiral Meditation, an adaptation of the work of Brugh Joy, M.D., is used for self care of the practitioner and for teaching to clients as well as for those interested in self healing and health promotion.

The Hara Alignment Meditation, an adaptation of Barbara Brennan’s teachings from Hands Of Light (1987) and Light Emerging (1993) is offered as the second track for both practitioner preparation and understanding the four dimensions of the human energy system.

The Etheric Vitality Meditation, an adaptation of the teachings from Doscolos, referred to in the Homage to the Sun (1987), by Kyriacos Markides, is the final offering used for self care, practitioner preparation or client treatment. Cynthia’s first Healing Touch Meditation  #1 CD (described above) offers basic meditative practices for self healing and practitioner preparation including: Basic Centering, Grounding and Attuning; and the Self Chakra Connection.