Healing Touch & Sacred Geometry Sessions

If you are new client of Cynthia’s, click here to see the Intake Interview form. You may choose to fill this out and either email it or bring it with you to Cynthia, OR it can be done together at the time of your session. 

“Health is not only to BE well, but to — USE well every power we have.”
– Florence Nightingale, 1893

Healing Touch Massage with Cynthia HutchisonAlthough I have studied numerous forms of holistic modalities since 1980, I personally resonate most strongly with the practice of Healing Touch (HT). The Sacred Geometry Sequence is applied or overlaid according to HT principles and practices. I consider it a variation on the specific interventions applied, but the sequence of treatment steps and philosophy of care is the same as HT. Click here to read more.

Now considered a crone, I have integrated decades of experience and knowledge in nursing, psychotherapy, spiritual studies, holistic modalities and energy medicine into my practice. Empowerment of the client is a crucial concept for me as well as connecting more intimately with the spiritual self and connection to Higher Power. This includes the belief that clients, in the depths of their being, know what is best for them and that they can be in touch with their Higher Self to determine how best to heal. While deeply honoring each person’s freedom and correspondent responsibility for self care, I embrace my role as a nurse, educator, witness, counselor, cheerleader and guide in the process of assisting those who trust their care to me.

Whether you choose to work with me on a short or long term basis, I will commit to:

1)  Honoring and respecting your beliefs and your freedom at all levels.

2)  Respectfully encouraging you to fully own your path of self healing and guiding you in how to do this in a way that is right for you.

3)  Treating you as a whole person – body, mind and spirit.

4)  Sharing knowledge and skills with you that will help you heal and grow, and being completely open with you about how I work with you.

5)  Creating sacred space during our sessions and holding you in thought and prayer in between sessions.

6)  Referring you to other practitioners, if needed, who may be able to complement our work together because their specialty is not within my legal scope of practice.

7)  Referring you to other practitioners if I do not feel we can effectively work together.

8)  Practicing within the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics as described in the Healing Touch Program.

Healing Touch Massage, Cynthia Hutchison

Energy Therapy can be received without any direct physical touch because the practitioner’s hands are within the biofield of the client.

Healing Touch Massage, Cynthia Hutchison

When touch is used, it is very light and gentle and is never manipulative (as in chiropractic) or with pressure (as in massage). When physical contact is made, it is generally a “hands still” kind of touch, although sometimes a practitioner may lightly brush on certain areas of the body with the permission of the client.

Healing Touch Sessions, Cynthia Hutchison

Clients generally receive energy therapy in a face up position, although specific methods will be applied while the client lies face down, based on either the selected intervention or comfort preference. Sessions can also be administered in an upright position in a chair or recliner.


A Few Testimonials

“My Healing Touch session with Cynthia was meaningful, profound and effective. Before the treatment began, she spent time with me checking in and asking if I would like to state an intention. It awakened  a longing question that I have been struggling with in my own inner development. She was a very attentive and devoted listener and the conversation we shared increased my inner clarity about my own hopes for the healing process.

As Cynthia gently touched in to my field and key points along my body, I could gradually sense a lightening of old, stagnant energies departing and a clearing taking place. As I imagined a warm, golden beam of light between her right and left hands, all around my field, I could feel a vibrant, Tree of Life glowing within me and around me. By the end of our time together, I felt immense inner peace and calm.

After our session, I told her of my experience and then she drew for my the sacred geometric sequence that she had performed. I realized what a wondrous gift she bestowed upon me, tapping in to the mysteries of Sacred Geometry and applying them for personal healing and strength. I left for home feeling peaceful, with an open heart and an increased sense of mental clarity.Those harmonious feelings rippled out around me for the next few days.

Thank you Cynthia, for the work you do in our world. bringing healing, peace and goodness to all you touch.” with gratitude, Christine S., Boulder, CO


“I wanted to wait until I got home today to tell you how grateful I am for you. Last night, I was in no pain at all. I have had a (literal) pain in my neck for a very long time. That is completely gone now. I went to sleep at 8:30 and slept for 10 hours straight. This is pretty miraculous, considering I have not slept an entire night through for over a month.” ~ Client after a first visit, Coal Creek Canyon, CO.