Healing Touch Meditations One


Healing Touch Meditations One

This Audio CD offers two basic Healing Touch meditations.

The first, Basic Centering, Grounding and Attuning, can be used as a meditation to learn foundations that one practices for both self care and self healing. It can also be helpful to practitioners as a preparation for providing healing work for others.

The second meditation, The Self Chakra Connection, is an adaptation of the work of Brugh Joy, MD, from his book Joy’s Way (1979). It provides an exploration into one’s own healing and personal growth.

A multi-use tool for healing and personal growth, Healing Touch Meditations Two can help in a number of ways:

  1. Individuals interested in understanding how to work with oneself energetically to improve health, know oneself at a deeper level and explore energetic dimensions of life. These meditations can be listened to going to sleep, upon awakening, or during times of stress, illness or introspection.
  2. Students of Healing Touch can firmly imprint the five major energetic practices that correspond with the curriculum into their practices.
  3. Instructors of HT can use these meditations in the classroom when learning a specific HT method.
  4. Clients receiving HT treatments can use the meditation CDs to assist them in their healing journey and to become empowered in self healing.

Music by Aaron Krieshok.


1. Introduction – Sample 1

2. Basic Grounding, Centering, and Attuning – Sample 1

3. Basic Grounding, Centering, and Attuning – Sample 2

4. Self Chakra Connection – Sample 1

5. Self Chakra Connection – Sample 2



1. Introduction (40 seconds)
2. Basic Grounding, Centering, and Attuning (20 minutes)
3. Self Chakra Connection (29 minutes)

Total Time: 49:40

CD: US $12


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Testimonials  for Healing Touch Meditations CD 1 and 2

“I just finished using the Basic Centering, Grounding, and Attuning meditations from your CDs and felt a wave of gratitude for you. The meditations have been an exceptionally valuable tool in my Level 4 homework process – helping me get more fluid at techniques and making it easy for me to prioritize self care even on busier days. Thank you for recording them, for leaning into your calling in this life. I imagine at some point in every day one or another of us somewhere out here is listening to your guided meditations and benefitting from their offerings.” ~Wishing You Well, Heather Lenox


“I just love Cynthia Hutchison’s CDs.  I use the basic grounding CD every morning to start my day and the Self Chakra Connection to help me relax at night. I feel more prepared to start my day when I remind myself to ground, center and attune and I sleep much more peacefully when I listen to the SCC meditation before going to sleep at night. During the day I often listen to the Hara Alignment meditation, as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase!” ~With gratitude, Christine DiPaolo,  MSN, CRNP, HTCP


“Thanks Cynthia! Just wanted you to know I’ve been listening to and following along with your meditations CDs. They are great!! They have really helped me pay closer attention with the Chelation and Hara Alignment. I’ve tried it on my own but found the guided meditations so much easier to do. Thank you for doing these!”  ~Lisa Stone, HTCP, Colorado


“Finally–what we have been waiting for sooooooo long! An opportunity to be voice guided by the mellifluous voice of Cynthia Hutchison as we begin our work in Healing Touch. I have attended several classes where Cynthia has done such an excellent job of grounding and centering the group with her easy-to-listen-to style. I love both CDs – The Self Chakra Connection on CD 1 is an excellent way to start my day and the Hara Alignment Meditation on CD 2 is the answer to a fervent prayer to prepare for the Level 3 work. Thank you Cynthia!”  ~Marilyn Jackson RN, PhD, HTCP, CCA Ontario, OR


“Cynthia’s clear guidance and gentle method opened a door to deep receptivity in me. Empowered by the vibrations that emanate from this recording (seemingly more than the sum of voice, words and music), I retreat into Divine Light, activate natural self-healing and renew the bright outlook I need to carry me through the day. Thank you for this peaceful, beautiful, restorative addition to my mornings.” ~Denise Lewis Premschak, Executive Director, ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine)


“I usually struggle to make the time for self care, but now I find myself looking forward to the time I have given myself during the day to do one of the meditations. I love the beautiful space she has created with her voice, the words and music.” ~Cynthia Jenkins, Level 4 HT Practitioner Apprentice, New York


“The first thing I was reminded of as I listened in silence to this CD was that relaxation—soul-soothing, spirit-healing, mind-easing relaxation—is actually a discipline, like stretching, or jogging my way into good physical condition, or losing weight. Granted, it is a more pleasant path than losing weight, which involves a kind of re-direction of habits and desires. But it is, indeed, a path. And what this CD provides is a guide along the path, someone who speaks articulately, and with wisdom, not like she is trying to lull us into utter mindlessness; someone whose voice is soothing and unobtrusive, inspiring a deep trust and an increasingly deep peace; someone who can make it known, without even saying it: that this path to relaxation supports healing at deeper and deeper levels.

“Cynthia Hutchison takes me, with an utter lack of pretense, to a place that feels like my old home town, my old neighborhood, then sits me down among the grasses and I, in a state of calmed receptivity, hear so much I’ve wanted to hear and to contemplate. It is the truth of my being, told simply. Hearing it is like swallowing a draught of Dante’s rivers in Paradise. I forget the silly judgments I beat myself up with so relentlessly, and remember the truth. And so, yes, Dr. Hutchison is my Beatrice—or at least, this voice becomes the angelic guide, and I follow gladly. And every day, after walking the path with this voice, I feel purer inside, more vibrantly alive, and more at peace.

“This is, without question, the best of the dozens of meditation recordings I have worked with. You don’t have to leave your brains at the door when you enter this gentle world. You remain whole, and become more healthy—as naturally, it seems, as you might if a your own Beatrice spoke gently into your ear and banished all the foolishness, opening you more and more to a vision of the divine.” ~Bill Fisher, Ph.D., medieval English literature Writer, Itinerant Teacher, Singer-Songwriter, Medieval Scholar and Aging Poet