Sound Healing through Gong Immersions / Baths

by Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, HTCP/I, Boulder Healing Touch, LLC

Over recent years, I have enjoyed sharing with clients, colleagues and students some of my self care practices which have helped me to maintain and improve my overall body-mind-spirit health.  I have addressed body prayer, sun gazing, Earthing, and fasting. Here, I want to share with you favorite: sound healing through gong baths (gong immersions) which I also offer as part of my energy therapy practice.


I was introduced to the healing vibration of gongs in 2012. Since then I have enjoyed numerous gong baths (also known as gong immersions) as part of my self care, as well as deeper first hand knowledge about sound healing. I purchased 3 large Chinese wind gongs which are now happily played in my living room, sometimes played as part of HT energy healing treatments. I have enjoyed allowing them to teach me how to interact with them in ways that support a deep relaxation response and body-mind-spirit healing. Imagine walking into a warm, peaceful room where your eyes are drawn to see three very large shining, beautiful, golden bronze gongs grouped together like a family of spirit beings. You create a cozy place for yourself on the couch or floor with pads, blankets, pillows and perhaps an eye cover as well. The deep tones rof the gongs resonate with the human energy system, the Earth and Cosmos. You are invited to set an intention for your healing. Then Then it’s time to settle and surrender into an immersion of sound healing.

The deep sound of the first gong initiates and washes the room with a lingering, far reaching sound that gently bathes your body-mind-spirit. One senses that Beings from other dimensions are also present to help create a healing space for all… As the gongs are intentionally touched with different patterns, volumes and methods, they seem to sing out the Music of the Spheres with their Cosmic, yet grounding tones, which can be felt physically in the body as well as heard….

Every gong bath is unique and speaks to each person in an individual way. In general, participants experience a deep relaxation response (with or without falling asleep), as well as feeling emotional, mental and spiritual responses. When the immersion comes to a gentle closing, you gently transition back to here and now in a new state of reflection, insight, revelation or relaxation.

Cynthia offers private gong immersion sessions in her Boulder home for individuals or small groups. Email:


Gong Bath Shadowcliff Retreat

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