Evaluations of 2014 Shadowcliff Retreat

Compiled by Cynthia Hutchison

1. PLEASE SHARE POSITIVE FEEDBACK HERE (Would you consider returning?):

This was my most positive experience since beginning my journey with HT. It came at the most perfect time for me, as it usually happens. Will absolutely set the goal or intention to return next year. Kay Dubois

Wonderful location, people and leader. 2 nights, 3 days perfect length and agenda with flexibility and freedom. I would love to come back. Maki Yamamoto

This was exactly what it was supposed to be. It created the space necessary to release, to heal, and to expand. If you feel the pull to come here, listen. If not, don’t force it. All in Divine time. Renata Maniaci

Loved unwinding the day with the mighty gong bath. Nancy Battilega

I really appreciated the balance of activities vs. personal time. Shadowcliff is BEAUTIFUL and very nurturing. It was great to have time outdoors in nature. Everyone was so heart-felt and loving. Great self-care ideas and great experiential self-care with all the activities. Megan Larsen

You had the perfect amount of free time vs. structured time. I was so glad that we had the option going bath or gong bath with HT treatment. Jean McGuire

Yes, I would return for sure. Beautiful place. I liked mountains and Grand Lake and Shadowcliff. Great food and staff (?) and accommodating. Especially grateful for sharing with like-minded Healing Touch community. Claire Marie TeBockhurst

I am already planning for next year! I didn’t want our time together to end. This is the most nurtured and supported that I have ever felt in any group setting. Veronica Johnson

Pace was wonderful. Break times were long enough and much appreciated. The setting and the time of year was great. Liked the group size – able to know folks. Irene Louise Bigot, MSRN, HTCP

Yes! Shadowcliff retreat was nurturing, ground and illuminating for the soul. How often do we allow ourselves to truly unplug, check in and restore our beings? Cynthia and Ken created a safe place to be! Because of their open souls others can bloom in this beautiful environment. Evelyne Werzowa

This is a time that I chose for myself, with the influence of following my around, because I do what she wants to make her happy (we do not get along well). Getting away from Knoxville was something that is my best choice, but a quiet group not related to my everyday life has been a very good experience. Lisa Johnson

Yes. I believe the combination male/female leadership enhanced the experience and broadens the hope off adding more of the experience with not only female wisdom and intuition, but possibly men to join in. It was most lovely and holy and sacred as it “was in the beginning” to have two (?) become one in harmony, leadership, creativity and the fullness of sacred space. Tremendous feeling of honor, respect and love. The schedule was perfect! Lindy Caffrey

What a wonderful experience. I feel so refreshed and renewed, body, mind and spirit. Everything was perfect, from programming to timing. Megan Koepsell

Relaxed space – but still direction and guidance. Location is great. Cheryl Raiwet

Well planned. A great place to get re-motivated and meet new friends. A great place for developing my connection to spirit. Marilyn Fearnley

I would definitely consider returning. I am ready now to move forward with my practice in Healing Touch. Lois Barnhart.

Meeting, sharing, happy, magical experience. Cherie Luke

Yes, next year. Setting: very beautiful and free, the freedom to walk in LEADERSHIP: Cynthia has created the spiritual environment with unconditional love. Kathy BeeBee

This place draws me. Not so much the roaring water, but the stillness of it. Anne Burgess

This retreat was the best present I ever gave myself. I whole-heartedly intend to return if it is offered again. Amy Nelson


I can think of nothing negative to say. There are always minor discomforts such as a shower head not working appropriately or being in the end room where people shutting the outside door would rattle the windows, but they do not detract from the overall experience here. The mechanics of the workshop itself were perfect and provided a perfect experience. Cynthia, you embody the model of self-care and provide never-ending words of wisdom and experience. Even though I already have a toolbox of self-care techniques, what you have presented has opened new windows of perspective and focus for me to create and maintain a daily ritual of self-care that I will be able to make my priority without any sense of feeling like it is one more bit that I have to do, but that I want to do. Kay DuBois

When we asked for more food (?) Medals they did add more. I (?) liked free time, quiet time and prayer and movement were all holy and health. Time to check in and share with group taught me a lot. Claire Marie TeBockhurst

Eurythmic dance and Gong very appropriate. Dance was at a pace that can be remembered. Liked the fireplace. Irene Louise Bigot, MSRN, HTCP

The location of Shadowcliff, the gong, the hikes, the roaring river and Cynthia’s heart centered prayers open the heart and soul to breathe. Evelyne Werzowa

Loved the opportunity to move my body – both in body prayer and on the hike. (The time is tight for the hike, but it can work.) Keep the movement parts – also stretching/moving before sessions. Cheryl Raiwet

I have never been on retreat before. This was an amazing experience. The setting is perfect. What a gift. Thank you. Namaste. Lois Barnhart.

Relearning what I already know helps to reconnect with community of HT. I feel that going back again and again will keep me connected to my soul. I crave these connections deep down. Cherie Luke

Ken, WOW, thank you for including your insights, skills and Gongs. I have learned so much from both of you! I am BLESSED! Kathy BeeBee

I loved the personal times that were available. I need to be alone at times and time was provided. Thanks. Anne Burgess


When I was ready, I surrendered to the healing and expansive power of the gong bath. For me, this happened on the 3rd and final night. I couldn’t force it. I had to be ready. And when it happened I was given universal insights and knowledge, as well as powerful clarity of my life and being. I remembered who I was. Renata Maniaci

I was transported back in time through ancestral realms and was surrounded by waves of color as successive chakras opened to the tones of the gong. Nancy Battilega

With each gong immersion I was able to let go a little more each time and go deeper into the experience. It was very relaxing and sacred. Megan Larsen

I had no expectations for the gong experience, but during the last Gong Bath I felt I saw heaven! Jean McGuire

Giving a Healing Touch treatment session to Irene during the Gong Immersion session was so healing, energizing, loving for both of us. As a Healing Touch practitioner I felt amazing, miraculous, holy energy exchange for healing holistically. Claire Marie TeBockhurst

It took a couple of immersions for me to relax, but when I finally followed Ken’s advice to “surrender and let go” I was able to get to that meditative space instantly. Even when I would wake up and my mind would start its constant chatter, I would “surrender and let go” again. And go right back. Veronica Johnson

Gong Immersions by Ken three evenings in a row made a huge difference in my physical and well as in my spiritual body. It progressed from releasing and clearing my entire being to a sense of peace and wholeness. Irene Louise Bigot, MSRN, HTCP

I have gone to other Gong Immersions, but I feel Ken’s deep work on meditation and centered being resonates with the Gong allowing a safe place to “let go”, “let god” and finally listen. Not only is the sound illuminating, I felt all my cells, chakras and body adjust and realigned and restore to its own balance and resonance of a healed state. Evelyne Werzowa

The description of the Gong Immersion for this retreat is what got my attention and determination to do this. It was worth it! The experience of the sound waves of Gongs cannot be described. Each session was its own step toward enlightenment. The first session dealt with my physical body and was incredible. The second felt like a transition of the physical toward spiritual, and just a little disconcerting. The third session communicated to me in my layer of knowing that also cannot be described. Ken shard his gift with use, and I am grateful. Thank you. Lisa Johnson

Powerful healing for mind, body and spirit. Energizing at some points. Can be calming – sleep is most restful and sound. I became “one” during my immersion experience when doing one on one with my water and “ocean being” (IE: whales’ possibly powerful connection and emotional inclusion of other beings. Transforming experience. This was an amazing, outstanding and spectacular addition to healing with music, vibration and love and inspiration from the gong master. Lindy Caffrey

Never having experienced gong immersion, I didn’t know what to expect, and I loved the whole experience. The sound of the gongs takes on a life of their own and creates an energy that is almost indescribable. The vibrations ad gong energy can be felt on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and brought me great insight. I feel I was taken on a cosmic ride that’s better than any ride in Disney World! I’d highly recommend Ken’s amazing abilities with his gongs. Megan Koepsell

Experiencing one gong immersion is great. Experiencing multiple immersions takes you deeper with each sequential immersion. Seek out an opportunity – but know that the Gong Master comes from a healing, peaceful, space. Thus your experience will be healing. Ken comes from a leading, peaceful, space so you may trust him to lead you in an immersion. Cheryl Raiwet

What a wonderful gift from Ken. The sounds of the gongs were so influenced in my releasing of my stored stuff. It was fast once I was able to surrender myself to the vibrations. Everything now feels so clear and I am so much more connected to the earth and spirit. It was an emotional time. Very difficult to express myself. . Marilyn Fearnley

The Gong Immersion was the perfect end to every day of our retreat. To feel the sounds of the gongs wash over me was an experience I will never forget. So emotional, so healing! Thank you, Ken! Lois Barnhart.

A deep, rich emersion into my psyche. Cherie Luke

The first vibration surrounded me but I did not engage with it. It was like the (?) world around me in which I live. The second vibration: I felt the vibration coming through my feet through my body but not in a straight line. I flowed like the river finding its path around obstacles in its way to distinction. The third vibration: Everything slowed down and I felt I was (?) within myself. The final vibration: I felt my body go into its stillness. This (?): This was like my “layered life: I can live in the (?), b and let in disturb me. I can skirt obstacles and in my daily life. I was okay. This (?) me. I am being me. Anne Burgess

I have experienced single gong immersions before but never a series of them, led by a true spiritual devotee: Ken. That became evident when we were lovingly prepared before the sessions with pearls of wisdom to help guide our experience. With each experience came a deeper healing, and sense of clear connection to God, Divine Love and Light, Angels, spirit guides and cosmic consciousness. It was a transformative and life changing experience that I will be forever grateful to have been a part of . . . which as Ken says, “It was not Ken’s masterful gong playing but the immersion of everyone participating.”


Cynthia and Ken are both masters at creating sacred space. Their collaboration is the perfect collaboration. Kay Dubois

Cynthia – Yes. She has a beautiful gift to create space for people. Personally, she helped me with her patience, input, love and grounding. It feels warm and light to be around her. She guides, gently. Ken – Yes. He brings a useful perspective into the space, but also holds space for him to grow/expand, which, in turn, facilitates others’ ability to do so. Renate Maniaci

This retreat was all about creating sacred space, where participants could feel safe enough to share or otherwise release trauma in order to facilitate healing. The natural beauty of Shadowcliff is unsurpassed. Nancy Battilega

Attending the Shadowcliff retreat was an amazing experience. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by the amazing group of people who attended. The retreat center is set in a very beautiful and inspiring setting close to native trails and breathtaking scenery. Cynthia’s direction and guidance created a loving space for us to be ourselves, and connect with ourselves at a deeper level. Thanks you! Megan Larsen, HTCP

Cynthia allows one to experience Shadowcliff and Healing in your own individual way. She gently guides you to find the tools you need for self-care that is very much needed by all healers. I will certainly attend again. Ken provided a sacred space both with the gongs and chanting. He allowed us to have a unique experience each time and had no expectations or judgments afterward. He is fabulous! Jean McGuire

Yes, both Ken and Cynthia created sacred space that gifted me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They facilitated a healing, compassionate and generous community here during all four days of Retreat. Unforgettable experience. I would repeat and recommend to others. Great experiences with other Healing Touch persons in variety of rich experience with Cynthia’s teachings and Gen’s Gong baths. I experience renewal and support from Ken, Cynthia and our group at Retreat. Claire Marie TeBockhurst

Cynthia and Ken definitely created sacred space for our own individual healing journeys. Each person in our group of 20+ seemed to experience a profound experience. Including myself. During this time we spent together, I realized that I have never in my entire life (43 yrs.) taken time like this to myself. Before coming to Shadowcliff, I thought I had the self-care thing nailed; I take hot baths at night, I do yoga and a grounding ritual every morning. But I would have thought it selfish and would felt guilty to take time like this to myself before Shadowcliff. This experience takes my idea of self-care a step further and has allowed me to realize that I need hours of time in nature like this to fully feel restored. Thank you Cynthia and Ken for creating the space to allow me to be (?) and quiet to receive this message for my higher self. Veronica Johnson

Everyone needs to experience Shadowcliff. Cynthia holds a sacred space for us by teaching at a calm space and balancing sessions and allowing individuals to have time alone for processing self-care in a way that is meaningful for each one’s life and journey. Ken’s Gong Immersions added to the sacredness of vibrations to sacred nature (?) a cosmic union. Irene Louise Bigot, MSRN, HT

The last four days have been an amazing experience. Cynthia does a fabulous job creating an experience that will last a lifetime for me. I feel so refreshed and renewed and loved everything about this wonderful workshop. Experience the weekend with Ken’s gongs as well was like the icing on the cake. I am so happy I made the decision to attend. Megan Koepsell

Sacred space was created by both of you. Full of peace, spirit. A space that held up, like we were cupped in the hands of God. Cheryl Raiwet

This sacred place was fantastic. The learning and loving shared between HT workers was well worth the trip. Was wonderful. The self-care was more than I had anticipated. Marilyn Fearnley

I will return to Shadowcliff in 2015 if there is any way possible for me to do this. The Gong Immersions, the hikes, the beauty of the mountains, Cynthia and Ken, all created a truly sacred experience. I am renewed and rejuvenated. Lois Barnhart.

See # 2. Cherie Luke

Environment with unconditional love. All stems from this. Kathy BeeBee

Yes!! From the moment I arrive to this sacred of places, I was greeted with pure love! From the destination of Grand Lake, CO and passing through the Rocky Mountains to get her to the friendly, joyful and accommodating staff the tone was set. Deb and Cindy helped make the pre-planning possible. We received the activity outline ahead of time so we knew the basics of the retreat activities. Once meeting with Cynthia and Ken, it was clear the retreat would be a safe and sacred space to focus on our individual self-care goals. The added benefit was knowing everyone in attendance shared similar spiritual journeys. Every activity planned and presented was exactly what was needed by my SELF to grow, expand and realize my true soul’s purpose and the healing needed to accomplish it. As a counselor, I love circles so am so pleased most of the activities were done in the sacred circle. Since HT is energy based it was a perfect accompaniment to have the Gongs. So many people have not yet been exposed to the healing and transformative qualities of the Gongs. Then to have multiple experiences . . . was the rarest of treats . . . it was Yummy! I also want to add that witnessing Cynthia and Ken’s loving interactions was a great inspiration to many if not all of us. Amy Nelson