Healing Touch Class Schedule

Cynthia Hutchison teaches all levels of Healing Touch Program (HTP) coursework including instructor training and advanced practice courses. She teaches in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, in the Denver area, and in various locations in North America.

Healing Touch Program worldwide standardized educational program was founded by Janet Mentgen in 1990. It offers core curriculum courses as well as advanced practice classes, instructor training and adjunctive coursework that supports a professional practice in energy medicine.Visit the Healing Touch Program website to read more about HTP coursework leading toward international certification and national accreditation. You can see all of Cynthia’s HTP course offerings by using the search bar and inserting her name, CYNTHIA HUTCHISON (note spelling of last name)

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Be aware of Healing Touch Program Imitators!

Students should be aware that if they are interested in learning from the original standardized program which is the first and only nationally accredited Energy Medicine Program, they should only take courses through HTP. Another organization using the term “Healing Touch” offers classes, but it is not a standardized or nationally accredited program.

The term “healing touch” cannot be trademarked due to the generic nature of the phrase, therefore, many touch-related health care practices in massage, chiropractics and energy medicine also use this term. Because of this, students should be aware of distinguishing Janet Mentgen’s original and professionally recognized program of studies from others using a similar term.