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Cynthia has taught thousands of Healing Touch students, practitioners and instructors since 1995 including all levels of Healing Touch Program Classes.  She currently teaches two courses that she created: Body Prayer, and Sacred Geometry & Energy Therapy

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Cynthia teaches in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, as well as in various locations in North America. She has also taught in Europe and South America.

Sacred Geometry Applied to Energy Therapy
Purpose: Learn how to apply the theoretical, theological and spiritual knowledge of the quality of numbers and geometric symbols within a professionally oriented hands-on energy therapy session.

Overview: This 16 hour, two day live course will provide a comprehensive overview of how sacred geometry and the quality of numbers through geometric shapes can be applied in a sequential order to support body-mind-spirit health and healing. Knowledge and methods may be applied for self care or within a professional health care setting for others. Professional ethics and therapeutic communication are role-modeled and guided for the clinical exchanges.

Course content: Groundwork will be laid for the understanding of concepts and principles that will guide our clinical exchanges for the second part of the course. A comprehensive power point presentation and curriculum notebook are provided to support the understanding and application of theory for one’s clinical practice. Group sharing and in-depth discussions after each clinical exchange will support the integration of knowledge with practice, and support self confidence in hands-on application.

Specific Course Content:

  1. Understanding of Symbolism and Sacred Geometry: Ancient and Contemporary
  2. Understanding how various spiritual streams and religions apply sacred geometry
  3. Meaning and application of the: Flower of Life, Lemniscate /Infinity Sign, Triangle, Square, Pentagram, Hexagram, Septagon/Heptagon, Octagon, Spiral, Concentric Circles and Vesica Pisces.
  4. Hands-on application of each geometric shape within an energetic, heart-centered, body-oriented professional sequence, with use of images, affirmations and/or prayers based on individual preference
  5. Application to the Human Energy System: Energy field(s), energy centers and hara alignment
  6. How to administer a treatment for both self-care and for the benefit of another person
  7. In-classroom practice drawing each shape to support integration within the left-right brains

Who May Attend: Energy medicine practitioners or students, holistically-oriented health care practitioners, and lay persons with an interest in energy therapy and sacred geometry.

Continuing Education for In-Person “live” class: Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CEP-3285 for 12 contact hours credit. Accepted by most mandatory CE states for continuing education credit. Also accepted for many national certifications. Call for details 1-800-743-4006. CE contact hours applied for for the ONLINE COURSE.

Cost: $525 which includes the 90 page illustrated curriculum notebook. $475 if you register “early bird” at least 30 days before class. Payment plans and sliding scale prices are available.

How this course evolved: I began practicing hands-on energy therapy in 1982. It became my full-time vocational life by 1995 when I became an instructor for Healing Touch Program, with enhanced involvement in 2005 when I became the Educational Program Director for Healing Touch Program (through 2018). Over the years of my clinical practice, images of sacred geometry became increasingly instilled in my mind’s eye and energetic experiences as I worked with clients. I began an informal study of sacred geometry within the field of energy therapies, mathematics, the natural sciences, theology and spiritual symbolism. I started sharing my learning in various ways through writing, teaching and presenting, and incorporated some of the basic teachings into the HTP curriculum. During 2019, I taught the first independent full length course to 30 attendees at a four day retreat in Tazewell, TN. Most attendees were HTP students and practitioners with a few Reiki practitioners and unexperienced persons. The overwhelmingly positive responses and experiences assured me of the validity of the intervention and the course content.

This course is offered through Cynthia’s business and is not an HTP-sponsored course.

CLICK HERE to link to read more about the Sacred Geometry course, locations and dates.

Course Evaluations from Cynthia’s Sacred Geometry Class in Tazewell, TN, September 2019, held at the Well Being Retreat Center. (SG=Sacred Geometry; HT=Healing Touch) Eight States plus Canada represented.

This course was very well presented. I am in awe of Cynthia’s ability to bring ancient wisdom, symbols, sacred geometry into practical application for healing. Cynthia – you role model graciousness and kindness throughout the entire class. You walk your talk. Mary Ann Geoffrey  Loudon, TN

The training deepened my knowledge of SG in ways that I can apply in my HT work and my work as a hospice chaplain. Jill Joyner, Avondale Estates, GA

This class took my Healing Touch and HT for Animals knowledge to a deeper more sacred level. I felt like we touched into the most holy site of self and yet also oneness with all present. I felt the blueprint of life as we practiced the techniques and they became real and dimensional even to a cellular level and our DNA. Pamela Stanner, Lenoir City, TN

This course… has given a whole new dimension in the area of energy healing. Cynthia is truly an artist who was inspirational in both her instruction, delivery and content. The power, unity, compassion and love generated within the group was simply amazing. It was exceptional. Barry Stanner  Lenoir City, TN

The background information about sacred symbolism across the ages and across religious and cultural beliefs and practices set the stage for incorporating SG into my personal spiritual growth and practice as well as into my interactions with all of creation. Cynthia’s body prayer and SG healing sequences flowed beautifully and meaningfully from the background information. My heart feels full, and I now see myself as part of the whole of sacred creation in a more visceral real and beautiful way than I ever have before.  Kim Spivey Asheville, NC

The continuous repetition of treatments, prayer body practices and clear explanations of SG symbols was outstanding.  Cynthia’s SG program applied to healing for me this weekend was profound. All my intellectual study, meditation, experiences, strengths were finally joined into my body, emotions and “knowing” hear and how. Just can’t find the words to express the depth of this work. Beatriz Lothrop,  Weaverville, NC

I couldn’t have customized a better suited program for what I needed to nurture my spiritual practice and HT practice. I will never be able to only see HT as a two-dimensional treatment. Everything about the way I will view nature and life has been expanded. … Free to speak my heart freely, be fully authentic, and also be filled accepted and supported. I will carry this with me in more ways than I even now realize. Leslie Apking,  Knoxville, TN

The program itself was something I have never studied in the past. It was to me another dimension of HT. It was spiritual, geometric, intuitive and very interesting. I loved learning to notice our world through shapes… the significance of the circle, triangle and star. Cynthia you were so brave to bring this to such a large group of people clear across the country. Thank you for a beautiful event.  Lynn Anderson   Knoxville, TN

I learned such amazing new concepts and new methods that will bring my practice and self-care to new levels. SG is profoundly powerful. The class certainly was fun as the title suggested. I haven’t laughed that much in a very long time.  Cynthia was helpful with voice guiding the healing sequence as we were practicing. I would love an audio of it. …. It overall was one of the best experiences I have had. Patti Slazes, Antioch, IL

This has been a wonderful experience. I will spend a lifetime reflecting no doubt. I truly believe I have come to this teaching before and that the material is still developing to an “Almost Holy” point… Thank you for helping me to deepen and refresh my sacred connection with Divine Love for me and for all. Bonnie Hammond,  Knoxville, TN

Cynthia was inspiring and her overall knowledge and teaching ability was very impressive.  Linda Rodgers, Greenville, TN

Great class! Superb teaching. I love your kindness, your leadership and your skilled art…. Kudos on creating this course. It really is fabulous!  Brenda Rasch,  Knoxville, TN

Cynthia’s SG class will deepen the anchor of your soul and at the same time, expand your ability to visualize how present and full the universal spirit is within us and all around us.  Felecia McInnish,  Huntsville, AL

Connecting the sacred through geometry brings the symmetry of universality in healing that we all crave.  Jerri-Anne McDermith,  Maggie Valley, NC

I appreciated getting the notes emailed ahead of time to learn a little about SG beforehand. Her presentation brought the notes and drawing to life in a fun informative way. I’m leaving feeling confident in trying this with my clients and myself. Joan Wheeler,  Knoxville, TN

This was a very profound experience. Using S.G. brought this advanced energy work to a different level; both through symbols, giving words to embody the interventions and drew us closer to divine source and spirituality. Nancy Lavergne,  Liberty Township, OH

I was intrigued and fascinated by everything I learned this weekend. Kristi Whitaker,  Fort Mill, SC

This retreat workshop was transformational.  This process is amazing and I do plan to use these sacred, powerful techniques in my healing practice. Anonymous

This class helped bring healing energy to a whole new dimension. I looking forward to including these practices in my everyday life. Thank you, Cynthia, for creating this program. Yolande Douglas,  Quebec, Canada

I welcomed the new material on SG. I look for Cynthia to move forward with this incredible information through video as well as in book forms. Jean Wilhoite,  Knoxville, TN

The power of the SG sequence was very evident throughout the trading practices. With multiple sessions the knowledge deepened. The beauty and flow of the body prayer was a lovely gift. I appreciate the organized, structured flow of the days. These are powerful times of expansion for humanity and bringing this light work deeper into use is much needed and appreciated.  Teresa Duncan   Washington D.C.

Cynthia developed and shared with us practical application of ancient wisdom. Using SG in heart, soul and spiritual centered healing was supremely powerful. Truly a gift to the world that I will utilize for self care and sharing in my healing practice. Susan Holtorf, Vancouver, WA

This was an amazing class. Cynthia has done a beautiful job of taking complex ideas and translating them into powerful healing touch interventions.  It has definitely taken me to a much deeper, spiritual place from which to provide HT for folks desperately in need of healing at many different levels. I feel blessed to have been a part of this class. It also will help me add depth to my self care. Rosalie Shultz, Tucker, GA

Voice guiding was wonderful! I could think less while learning and feeling more. There was so much knowledge… Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Terry Loe,  Antioch, IL

Sacred Circle – Sacred Geometry Sacred Fun Retreat was organized and presented exceptionally well. I was very impressed. It was a lot of material and not easy to conceptualize, but was presented so well. Made it easy for a novice. It is important and very useful information. The experience was one of a kind.  Sandra Moore, Chuckey, TN

I am not religious at all but have always been open to the perennial wisdom… I was interested in the science and significance of the geometry and its symbolism in all cultures and throughout history. Joan Galbraith,  Tazewell, TN


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Cynthia Hutchison, Healing Touch retreatsCynthia has held Educational Retreats  at  Shadowcliff Retreat in Grand Lake, Colorado and in Tazewell, TN. The most recent one in Tennessee (September 2019) was, titled Sacred Circles, Sacred Geometry and Sacred Fun!

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