Level 5

Completion, Celebration & Commitment!

Level 5 is a time of completion, celebration and commitment to continued progress and excellence. Assignments which were completed during the apprenticeship period are submitted and evaluated for course completion. This session is designed to acknowledge the student’s work and offer constructive suggestions for continued improvement.

Celebration occurs as the student is acknowledged, appreciated and validated for the dedicated work accomplished during the apprenticeship period. Upon satisfactory completion of all work, the student receives a Certificate of Completion for the Healing Touch Program and achieves the Healing Touch Practitioner status (HTP) an official graduate of the certificate program.

This class also prepares students to understand the international certification process and criteria, an optional step after program graduation. Healing Touch Level 5 assists the student in evaluating their progress and level of commitment to the certification process.

Level 5 is focused on completion of assignments begun in Level 4, the intervening mentorship experience, integration into the community, the establishment of a practice, case management, and professional issues. Requirements for completion of the certification process will be discussed. A session of group healing is included on the second day of class. Level 5 meets during the day as well as in the evenings with breaks for lunch and dinner.

What will you do and learn at Level 5?

  • Experience how to evaluate the quality and completeness of case studies shared by Level 5 classmates
  • Experience how to evaluate the quality and completeness of homework shared by Level 5 classmates: documentation of sessions; reflective reports of educational experiences; reflective reports of receiving complementary modalities; reports of community HT activities and Healing Touch networking
  • Practice presenting your Healing Touch story, work and role through presentation of your professional profile notebook
  • How to continue your self-development as a Healing Touch Practitioner
  • How to further develop your Healing Touch Practice and move toward certification readiness, if desired
  • Discuss professional and clinical issues of private practice in Healing Touch
  • Explore how to deepen your Healing Touch skills through an energetic experience of group healing with your peers
  • Discuss the role of Healing Touch Research, the standards of care, code of ethics and scope of practice issues for a Healing Touch Practitioner
  • Develop an understanding of the Healing Touch Organizations and how they serve students, practitioners, instructors, recipients of HT, and the public at large

At Level 5 you will:

  • Present your professional profile notebook to class participants and receive constructive feedback on its content and your presentation
  • Share your learning experiences and self-growth related to completed assignments and hear classmates share their experiences
  • Receive constructive peer review of your case study
  • Receive constructive feedback from instructor on your progress in the Healing Touch Program and path toward international certification
  • Identify issues related to continued development of a Healing Touch Practice, including deeper understanding of the importance of Standards of Care, Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Participate in group healing work in the roles of recipient and practitioner
  • Have the opportunity to network, build relationships and make new HT friends
  • Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! with your peers

HTP Course Completion: All students attending Level 5 will receive the HTP Certificate of Completion for Level 5. Students with all assignments complete and satisfactory will also receive the Certificate of Healing Touch Program Course Completion, which entitles you to refer to yourself as a Healing Touch Practitioner. Students with incomplete or unsatisfactory homework will have the opportunity to contract with the Level 5 instructor for completion of assignments approved by a designated instructor with a negotiated date. In this case, the student will receive the Course Completion Certificate in the mail once the assignments are completed and approved.

Times: Level 5 normally starts on Thursday evening at approximately 2:00 and ends 2:30 on Sunday. (Some classes start Wednesday and end on Saturday.) Please check your confirmation letter for specific class dates and check in times as times may vary slightly depending upon the location. Plan on attending all sessions in order to receive the Certificate of Completion for Level 5. Level 5 meets during the day as well as in the evenings with breaks lunch and dinner.

Retreat Setting: Levels 4 and 5 are held in a retreat setting to further enhance the interaction, learning and sharing between students, mentors and instructors. Students are required to stay at the retreat center. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances, but must be pre-approved. Please email classes@HealingTouchProgram.com.

Room and Board: Room and Board prices vary depending upon the retreat center. Please call the HTP office at 210-497-5529 or check your confirmation letter for the cost. Payment for Room and Board is due two weeks before the beginning of the class.

Meals: Meals are provided by the retreat center unless otherwise stated. If you have special dietary needs, please notify classes@HealingTouchProgram.com.

Needs for the workshop: Bring items you might need for the healing exchanges you use in your practice.

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Notebooks; Healing Touch Guidebook, Practicing the Art and Science of Human Caring (new 2009 publication by D. Hover) and a journal
  • If you own a massage table and can bring one, please call the HTP office (303) 447- 3264 and let them know that you will provide a table.
  • You may want to bring music, a stereo, extra pillows, and blankets as well. This pertains primarily to people that are driving to the workshop.
  • Paper and pen for taking notes.
  • Layered clothing is recommended as temperature will vary throughout the day and individuals have different sensitivities.You may want to bring small articles that help you create a sacred space for the treatments that you will be giving. You may also bring an item that represents your healing work to place on a center table for holding energy during the class.

Level 5 Homework Requirements:
Click here for Level 5 Homework Requirements. In addition to bringing your homework, bring your Levels 1-3 notebooks, the Healing Touch Guidebook and Level 4/5 notebook as references. If you do not have the level 4/5 notebook for some reason, please let the HTP office know at least 2 weeks prior to workshop so that we can mail extra notebooks to the local coordinator.

Continuing Education: 30 CE contact hours
Healing Touch Program is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s COA.

Register by going to www.HealingTouchProgram.com
(210) 497-5529

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“Cynthia is structured to get the materials and course content conveyed yet she creates fun into the setting it is excellent. This class transforms you it elevates you to a new level of consciousness, the magnitude of oneness!” ~Julie Hamann


“Cynthia has a warm, loving, caring persona. Her genuine caring for us is so evident. She is so calm, confident, and assuring…. She is a fabulous example. Jerry’s comments were so helpful. I especially appreciate his “readers” answer about the certification packet: “We want you to pass. Help us.” Karolyn was a sweet spirit. My experience with staff at St. Mary’s was great. The food is quite different from what I am used to, but was passable. Being gluten intolerant makes eating a “special” experience and I brought some foods for myself. Level 5 was wonderful. Cynthia is a true blessing and gift!” ~Paula Page


“The Level 5 class was a fantastic finale to the apprenticeship experience. I wish everyone had the opportunity to have Cynthia as their instructor. She provides such a nurturing, loving, and fun environment that does much to help calm all the anxiety. Every instructor should hold space so well.” ~Angie Marsh


“Thank you for allowing every person in the class to let their inner child out. Thank you and Janet for the wisdom for the path to incredible personal (PEMS) growth and validation of it at Level 5.” ~Regina Sargent