Healing Touch Meditations from Sounds True

Cynthia Hutchison, Program Director for Healing Touch Program, created a new set of Healing Touch Meditation CDs in 2011 through Sounds True, a well known publications company focused on spiritual and holistic education products. This release is a two CD set, different from her Healing Meditations One and Two CDs, with both lecture material about Healing Touch and also the three core HT self care meditation practices that are used in the Healing Touch Program curriculum.

Healing Touch Meditations 2-CD Bundle Set

Both of the Healing Touch Meditation CDs bundled for one low price.

Healing Touch Meditations One

This Audio CD by Cynthia Hutchison offers two basic Healing Touch meditations. The first, Basic Centering, Grounding and Attuning, can be used as a meditation to learn foundations that one practices for both self care and self healing. It can also be helpful to practitioners as a preparation for providing healing work for others. The second meditation, The Self Chakra Connection, is an adaptation of the work of Brugh Joy, MD, from his book Joy’s Way (1979). It provides an exploration into one’s own healing and personal growth.

Healing Touch Meditations Two

This Audio CD by Cynthia Hutchison offers healing meditations that are taught in Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the Healing Touch Program’s world wide standardized curriculum: Self Spiral Meditation, Hara Alignment Meditation and Etheric Vitality Meditation. These meditations may be used for self care and healing, practitioner preparation or client treatment.