Sacred Geometry applied to Energy Therapy throughout Life Cycles, Part 1

The study and application of sacred geometry in health and healing is an adventurous pursuit and may even be life-changing, due to the sense of awe, reverence, wonder and mystery that is awaiting you! Based on my personal experience, I believe that incorporating sacred geometry into our thinking and practices can expand our consciousness, deepen our faith and prayer lives, enlighten the understanding of the healing process and enhance the healing responses of our clients.

Elder Wisdom

Janet Mentgen was my Level 4 instructor in 1993. I found her to be quiet and humble, not the kind of person who draws attention to herself. She dressed plainly, and spoke professionally from her heart with a sense of groundedness and no nonsense. Janet didn’t say more than was necessary in her teachings. One of her teaching styles was to ask the same question back to the student that was asked of her and allow the student to come to her own realization that s/he knew more than s/he thought. I liked that about her…

How I Learned Healing Touch through the Elders in my Life

Like many of you baby boomers, I am getting older! I will be 55 years old this month and I have been reading the AARP monthly magazine for several years now. I am letting my hair turn grey and am finding it empowering. I bought my first pair of “trifocals” last year. This month I will be able to start taking advantage of some discounts that are available for “seniors.” I am joining the ranks of the grey brigade and am enjoying observing myself transition into these golden years. I sweetly recall John Denver’s song “Poems, Prayers and Promises” one of the lines being “it turns me on to think of growing old.”

Considerations in having or not having Extra Sensory Perception for Practitioners of Healing Touch

Many Healing Touch and energy medicine practitioners have various degrees of extra sensory perception (ESP) in regards to seeing- feeling-perceiving and otherwise “sensing” the human energy biofield (fields/aura and centers/chakras) and even the hara line. If a practitioner does have one or more of these abilities, it must be used with utmost care, discernment, and application of ethical principles/practice within one’s professional scope.

Greetings from Cynthia Hutchison: On Creating Sacred Space

While I love seeing clients in my home office, I learned fairly early on that it is in fact ME that creates the sacred space and not my material environment, aesthetic as it may be. The most beautiful and perfect environment will not support the client in need if I do not know how to create sacred space for the caring-healing moment to occur.

Greetings from Cynthia Hutchison: An Assessment to Help Determine My Level of and Commitment to Self-Care

Healing Touch has served as a doorway to feeling and knowing my heart. This is true for everyone I have talked with who practices this art of healing. Healing Touch is a universal language of the heart, just as smiles, eye contact, loving touch, dancing, singing and meditation can be. The language of the heart is love and the more we can be in the place of unconditional love, the quicker and deeper we will heal ourselves and facilitate healing in others.

Hints for Documenting Healing Touch Sessions

This abbreviated list will provide some basic direction for Healing Touch charting for students and practitioners who would like some help learning how to document sessions.