Elder Wisdom

By Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, MSN, HTCP/I, Program Director

I took my first HT class in 1992, so I don’t officially qualify under the criteria of “elder” in the HT Program. However, because I have spent so much time with Janet Mentgen, starting in 1993 and especially in the last years of her life, I was asked to write this month’s Elders’ Wisdom article.

Janet Mentgen was my Level 4 instructor in 1993. I found her to be quiet and humble, not the kind of person who draws attention to herself. She dressed plainly, and spoke professionally from her heart with a sense of groundedness and no nonsense. Janet didn’t say more than was necessary in her teachings. One of her teaching styles was to ask the same question back to the student that was asked of her and allow the student to come to her own realization that s/he knew more than s/he thought. I liked that about her…

Read the full article originally published in ENERGY MAGAZINE, Nov 2009, Issue #39, p 17-18 (PDF)