Sacred Geometry applied to Energy Therapy throughout Life Cycles, Part 1

Expanding Your Thinking from the Linear to the Sacred

Part 1 or a 2-Part Article

Sacred-Geometry-applied-to-Energy-Therapy-1Did you know that your body and the world of nature is full of sacred geometry? And that the same geometric forms make up the microcosm (smaller than the eye can see, such as DNA) and the macrocosm (that which is beyond what a person can visualize in the magnitude of the Universe)? 

From the time of infanthood, we visually begin recognizing shapes as meaningful to our lives. “Symbols,” including geometric shapes, have deep, esoteric spiritual meanings that speak to us unconsciously at a soul level. As you reflect upon the chapters of your life in light of geometric symbols, you will discover how they may have influenced you consciously or unconsciously. 

The study and application of sacred geometry in health and healing is an adventurous pursuit and may even be life-changing, due to the sense of awe, reverence, wonder and mystery that is awaiting you! Based on my personal experience, I believe that incorporating sacred geometry into our thinking and practices can expand our consciousness, deepen our faith and prayer lives, enlighten the understanding of the healing process and enhance the healing responses of our clients. Come explore with an open mind and heart! 


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