Art Posters

Catherine Rose HutchisonCatherine Rose Hutchison is a graduate of the University of Colorado/Boulder with a degree in Visual Art. She has a long history creating artwork through 14 years of  Waldorf Education, and is the artist for Cynthia’s Healing Touch Meditations 1 and 2 CD covers. Catherine is a HT Certified Practitioner and a Waldorf Teacher in Ukiah, CA.

Based on encouragement from HT practitioners, Catherine used some of her artwork to create energetic art posters available for purchase at this website.

Posters are printed on cardstock paper.

Posters (8 x 11″): $5 + S&H
Posters (11 x 17″): $10 each + S&H

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Art: The Grounding Tree Art: Hara Alignment with Spiral Galaxies - full size
Art Cards & Posters: Symbolic Cross, Catherine Rose Hutchison Art Cards & Posters: Tree of Love, Catherine Rose Hutchison
Art Cards & Posters: Rainbow Spiral Meditation, Catherine Rose Hutchson
Art Cards & Posters, Passage to Freedon, Catherine Rose Hutchison

original art by catherine hutchison

Meditation Tree

creation art by catherine rose hutchison